International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum 2018

by ISG Korean Chapter

From November 8 to 10, the Korean Association of Products and Services for Senior Citizens (KAPASS) will host the International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum 2018 at KINTEX, South Korea. The programs will feature cutting-edge products and services related to the field of gerontechnology as well as professional discussion forums.

The products and services to be exhibited at the Expo will highlight the convergence of gerontechnology and core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Era – innovations designed to enrich the lives of mature adults. They include artificial intelligence, robots, mobility aids, human interfaces, and products pertaining to living, healthcare, leisure, as well as culture. The submissions will go through a rigorous screening process by world-renowned experts with specialties in gerontology, geriatrics, engineering, and social welfare.

The exhibition will last for three days. On November 9th, a session will be provided for the exhibitors to make presentations about the products and services included in the Showcase.

For information on how to submit your proposal, please visit or email Please include in your presentation a description of user experiences, market reactions, the estimated value of your product(s) or service(s), and your aspirations regarding them.