Gloria M. Gutman

Sebastiaan Peek

Treasurer, International Society for Gerontechnology


Sebastiaan Peek is a senior researcher for Tilburg University, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Tranzo. He is responsible for setting up a cross-department expertise center on eHealth acceptance and implementation. Sebastiaan’s PhD thesis is titled “Understanding technology acceptance by seniors who are aging in place: a dynamic perspective”, which focuses on mechanisms influencing acquirement and use of technology over time. His research focuses on designing and deploying eHealth solutions that are personalized and sustainable. His work has been published in top quartile journals in health care sciences and services, medical informatics and gerontology.

Sebastiaan was a guest researcher at Stanford University, Persuasive Technology Lab, and is involved in the Personal User Experience (PUX) task force of EIPonAHA. Prior to joining ISG, he was a board member of the Foundation for Quality Assurance of E-Health (QAEH), a nonprofit foundation that aims to improve the safety of eHealth.