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Welcome to Gerontechnology 2002: Creative use of technology for better aging

S.J. Czaja, N. Charness, A.D. Fisk, W. Rogers

Gerontechnology 2002; 2(1):1-2 doi:


Technology is increasingly becoming integral to work, education, and everyday tasks such as bill paying and shopping. People of all ages must learn to incorporate technology into their lives. Technology also offers the potential of improving the quality of life and functional independence of older adults. Although technology may benefit the lives of older people, some technologies present a challenge for this population of users. To this end the field of Gerontechnology has evolved and involves the study of technology and aging for the improvement of the daily functioning of the elderly. This issue presents the keynote addresses and abstracts from the fourth international conference on Gerontechnology held in Miami Beach, Florida, November 2002. The focus of the conference is on creative use of technology to promote successful aging. The conference has a broad international, multi-disciplinary perspective and a broad array of topics are covered including transportation, health care, workplace technologies, care giving, life long learning, and technology in the home.
Keywords: technology; aging; caregiving; transportation; lifelong learning

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