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A decision support system for medical emergencies of older adults in Taiwan

H.M. Hua, B.J. Liu, T.E. Wang

Gerontechnology 2007; 6(3):169-174 doi:


Taiwan is experiencing the second highest rate of population ageing in the world, just behind Japan. Since only 2% of the older adults had access to acute medical care services in 2004, the government of Taiwan is pursuing plans to provide remote care. This contribution concerns work in progress in the design of mobile telecare based on a new decision support system (DSS) for transmitting data collected from older adults to health data centers and clinics in Taiwan. The support system provides assistance in planning for rescue personnel and vehicles after emergencies. Moreover, evaluation of disasters, the state of neighbouring resources, and the optimal route from disaster site to the nearest hospital are displayed. The platform is designed for monitoring and analysing vital signs and physiological parameters. Data are picked up by medical sensors and transmitted via the internet to monitoring systems in control centers to give healthcare workers an immediate and concise reading from their internet browsers so that they may supervise and provide appropriate emergent medical care. A second level of the support system incorporates geographic information systems (GIS) and provides both maps and text to support path finding for the rescue vehicles. This new DDS will facilitate a comprehensive emergency home-care for older Taiwanese.
Keywords: telecare; GIS; decision support system (DSS)

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