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Assisting older people: from robots to drones

M. Baer, M-A. Tilliette, A. Jeleff, A. Ozguler, T. Loeb

Gerontechnology 2014; 13(1):57-58 doi:


In order to provide assistance to older people, robots have been proposed, but projects carried out in that field identified barriers such as difficulties in moving or restricted view, thus limiting the quality of a remote medical triage. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) commonly known as drones may bring an important added-value in that domain. Drones are now used in civilian purposes and many indoor models are commercialised. Their development in the near future for the health area (mainly for surveillance purposes) will benefit older adults and thus empower older persons as well as disabled persons to remain independent.
Keywords: drones, robots, elderly, telecare

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