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Vol 13, No 2

Editor: J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk

ISG2014 World Conference, Taipei

Table of Contents

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Welcome to ISG 2014 on Taiwan 63 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu


Prevention in public health engineering 64 | PDF
H. Bouma
Global population ageing and mission of gerontechnological research and development 65 | PDF
C.H. Cha
Talking, walking and falling: Technology-based assessments and interventions 66 | PDF
J.L. Fozard
Ethics and paradigms at the intersection of health, cure, care, and economy: A French vision for a world issue 67 | PDF
A.A. Franco
Intergenerational physical and cultural play 68 | PDF
E.T. Khoo
Playful rehabilitation with playware for older adults 69 | PDF
H.H. Lund
Ergonomic aspects for assisting facilities to elderly people 70 | PDF
M. Nagamachi
Interdisciplinary technologies used to evaluate frailty and promote healthy aging 71 | PDF
C-K. Peng
Global trends, policies, and gerontechnology 72 | PDF
V.T. Taipale

Symposium - Designing interventions for independent living through ICT

Designing interventions for independent living through ICT: The PRISM clinical field trial 73 | PDF
N. Charness
The PRISM clinical field trial to enhance well-being of older adults at risk for social isolation 73-74 | PDF
S.J. Czaja, W. Boot, N. Charness, A.D. Fisk, W. Rogers, J. Sharit, C-C. Lee, S. Nair
PRISM development: Iterative design using human factors tools 74 | PDF
W.A. Rogers, T.L. Mitzner, A.D. Fisk, W.R. Boot, N. Charness, S.J. Czaja, J. Sharit
PRISM measure development: The design and validation of the computer proficiency questionnaire 74-75 | PDF
W.R. Boot, N. Charness, S.J. Czaja, J. Sharit, W.A. Rogers, A.D. Fisk, T. Mitzner, C-C. Lee, S. Nair
Commentary on PRISM 75 | PDF
H. Umemuro

Symposium - Robots to empower the elderly’s well-being: The French perspective

Robots to empower the elderly’s well-being, the French perspective. 76 | PDF
G. Cornet
Humanoid robots for elderly autonomy 77-78 | PDF
B. Maisonnier, R. Gelin, P. Koudelkova Delimoges
A mobile manipulator robot that brings objects to assist people 78-79 | PDF
R. Alami, D. Sidobre
Development of a multidimensional evaluation method for the use of a robotic companion as a function of care relationships 79 | PDF
D.J. Hewson, C. Gutierrez Ruiz, H. Michel
Maintaining elderly people at home with a telemedicine platform solution: the QuoVADIS project 80 | PDF
A. Ozguler, T. Loeb, M. Baer

Symposium - Use of information and communication technology

Use of information and communication technology (ICT) for dementia patients: From assessment to intervention 81 | PDF
R. David
Use of ICT for the assessment of dementia patients 81-82 | PDF
A. König, P. Aalten, F. Verhey, R. David, P.H. Robert
Use of ICT in dementia from assessment to intervention: The Taiwanese contribution to the SafEE project 82-83 | PDF
W-H. Wang, P-C. Chung, Y-L. Hsu, M-C. Pai
Use of ICT in dementia from assessment to intervention: The French contribution to the SafEE project 83 | PDF
F. Bremond, R. David
Recommendations for the development and use of serious games in patients with AD and other dementia-related disorders 83-84 | PDF
P.H. Robert, V. Manera, A. König

Symposium - Creating enriched environments for ageing adults

Creating enriched environments for ageing adults 85 | PDF
H.S.M. Kort
Quality of light in a long term care facility in the Netherlands 85-86 | PDF
E.R.C.M. Huisman, M.P.J. Aarts, P.L.W. Kemenade, H.S.M. Kort
Acoustic measurements of sound levels in common rooms and sleeping rooms of care facilities for older adults 86-87 | PDF
N.H.A.M. van Hout, C.C.J.M. Hak, S. Seuren, H.S.M. Kort
Development of a mobile phone application for stimulation of personal mobility for COPD patients 87-88 | PDF
S.N.W. Vorrink, H.S.M. Kort, T. Troosters, J-W.J. Lammers
Application to support elderly while taking public transport services 88-89 | PDF
A. Neven, T. Bellemans, D. Janssens, G. Wets

Symposium - Product development for the elderly

Product development for the elderly by value-adding to creative scenario with cross-field knowledge 90 | PDF
R-S. Lee
A new gerontechnology innovation model: Interdisciplinary open innovation orange technology 90-91 | PDF
S-H. Chen, R-S. Lee
Memoir Monopoly: A rehabilitation game for elderly living with dementia 91-92 | PDF
S-Y. Cho, Y-F. Cheng, H-R. Chen, H-H. Tang, W-C. Chu, M-Y. Chen, C-H. Chen
A multi-functional health management system 92-93 | PDF
Y-C. Wu, S-M. Liu, C-S. Chang, C-C. Han, W-C. Yu, H-C. Tian, J-W. Liu, Y-N. Hu, N-S. Chou, S-F. Kao
A Method for the detection of sitting upright designed for elderly living assistance applications 93-94 | PDF
H-C. Chiang, Y-S. Su, N-S. Chou, C-Y. Lee, S-F. Kao, Y-C. Wu
Applying IPDD approach to the development of an interactive system for older people 94-95 | PDF
K-C. Tseng, T-S. Tsai, H-T. Chang
An intelligent transport for living in dignity 95-96 | PDF
K-H. Chen, C-Y. Pan

Symposium - Overcoming barriers to digital engagement among elders

Overcoming barriers to digital engagement among elders of Chinese cultural background. 97 | PDF
S.E. Levkoff, N. An
Improving digital engagement for elderly Chinese with mobile health technologies 97-98 | PDF
P. Li, N. An, H. Chen, Y. Jie, P. Li, S.E. Levkoff
Multiple factors that influence technology acceptance by aging and aged persons 98-99 | PDF
J.L. Fozard, S.E. Levkoff
Thematic comparison of information shared by Spanish- and Chinese-speaking users of dementia- caregiving online communities 99 | PDF
X. Lu, M. Pagan-Ortiz, H. Chen, D.E. Cortez, S.E. Levkoff
Engaging digitally disadvantaged people 99-100 | PDF
H. Chen, J.H. Maxwell, L. Xing, S.E. Levkoff

Symposium - Topics on interdisciplinary training and innovative teaching models in Taiwan

Topics on interdisciplinary training and innovative teaching models in Taiwan: Facing the rapidly aging society 101 | PDF
P-L. Liu
The teaching method of multidisciplinary T workshops: A new teaching model for an aging society 101-102 | PDF
S-C. Kang, P-L. Liu, Y-F. Lee, S-R. Ye, H-J. Yang, C-W. Peng
An innovative teaching model research affect the elder smart watch usage efficacy 102-103 | PDF
C-H. Chiu, M-F. Liu
Service design: The innovative tutoring model 103-104 | PDF
H-C. Lai, P-L. Liu
A multidisciplinary course integrating psychology of aging and cloud technologies 104-105 | PDF
Z-T. Yeh, H. Mei

Symposium - Is there a Gerontechnology industry? Perspectives from Taiwan

Is there a Gerontechnology industry? Perspectives from Taiwan 106 | PDF
J-M. Lu
Opportunities and challenges for the gerontechnology industry in Taiwan: A case study of L'elan enterprise 106-107 | PDF
K. Chang
Smart Care: A telecare service for the elder in Taiwan 107-108 | PDF
M-S. Hsu
Developing a bed-centered nursing home care management system 108-109 | PDF
Y-W. Liu, Y-L. Hsu
The role of the university for transdisciplinary human resource development for the gerontechnology industry: A case study in Taiwan 109-110 | PDF
J-M. Lu, Y-L. Hsu

Symposium - The analysis and improvement of elderly human body balance

The analysis and improvement of elderly human body balance 111 | PDF
V. Novak
Brain, balance and walking 111-112 | PDF
V. Novak
Using dynamic center of pressure to measure human body’s balance ability 112-113 | PDF
H-H. Chu, Z. Dong, C. Hans, J-S. Shieh
Postural stability evaluation of the elderly using entropy-based methods 113-114 | PDF
B-C. Jiang, J-S. Shieh, J-S.Z. Fan, C-K. Peng
Evaluation of somatosensory gaming for one-leg-lifting training to improve balance 114-115 | PDF
T-L. Sun, C-H. Lee, C-H. Huang

Symposium - Application and acceptance of technology

Application and acceptance of technology for people with dementia and people who care for them: Towards assistive intelligence via artificial intelligence 116 | PDF
M. Otake, F. Fujinami
Bayesian-based detection of mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer's disease: Discrimination performance using cerebral blood flow activation during daily conversation 116-117 | PDF
S. Kato, H. Endo, R. Nagata, T. Sakuma, R. Watanabe
Involvement of caregiver in decision-making to administer tube feeding to elderly person 117-118 | PDF
T. Mizuoka, T. Fujinami
An anime agent system for reminiscence therapy 118-119 | PDF
K. Yasuda, M. Fuketa, J. Aoe
Application of co-imagination method to healthy older adults, older adults who need care, and older adults with dementia 119-120 | PDF
M. Otake

Symposium - Challenges of implementing gerontechnology for personal health

Challenges of implementing gerontechnology for personal health 121 | PDF
A. Peine, L. Neven
Towards socio-gerontechnology: The age-technology nexus at the intersection of social science and gerontechnology 121-122 | PDF
L. Neven, A. Peine
Assessing the usability of an AAL-system within 35 seniors’ homes in a clinical field trial 122-123 | PDF
M. Gövercin
Valuing health technology: New value spaces for personal health systems to support active aging 123 | PDF
A. Peine, E. Moors
The attitude of future nurses towards technology 123-124 | PDF
G. Terlouw, J.T.B. van 't Veer, W. Kooistra, A. Dijkstra

Symposium - Accessible design for older people

Accessible design for older people: A design method for making things accessible by taking into account age-related changes of human abilities 125 | PDF
K. Sagawa
Concept and goal of accessible design for older people 125-126 | PDF
K. Sagawa
Database of sensory characteristics of older persons and persons with disabilities 126-127 | PDF
K. Kurakata, N. Itoh, J. Ohyama, K. Sagawa
Accessible information structure with no visual feedback for electronic house appliance design 127-128 | PDF
S. Lee, D. Kim
Visual sign design for older adults 128-129 | PDF
N. Itoh, J. OhYama

Symposium - Key themes in North American gerontological research

Key themes in North American gerontological research 130 | PDF
A. Sixsmith
Power, ethics and normative logic related to voluntary remote monitoring used to provide independent living 130-131 | PDF
C. Berridge
Developing a mobile experience sampling tool for investigating bipolar disorder in seniors 131-132 | PDF
A. Sixsmith, H. Yaghoubi-Shahir, U.G. Laesser, N. O’Rourke, M. Sadhegi, M. Razmara
Exploring the potential of using real life video capture to investigate the circumstances of falls among older adults in long-term care 132-133 | PDF
R. Woolrych, A. Zecevic, A. Sixsmith, J. Sims-Gould, F. Feldman, S. Robinovitch
The development of a novel complex medication adherence and monitoring technology 133 | PDF
A. Srerns, J. Hughes, S. Kuerbitz

Symposium - How to develop good gerontechnology products and services

How to develop good gerontechnology products and services by consumer research? 134 | PDF
S. Su
Study on needs exploration of lower limb robotic exoskeleton for elderly 134-135 | PDF
C-W. Tang, J-U. Lin, Y-T. Lin, J-H. Chao, H-C. Huang
Discovering business opportunities for the elderly in China by consumer survey: An example 135-136 | PDF
H-D. Chih
Personal transportation business opportunities for Taiwan’s baby boomers 136-137 | PDF
H-J. Yeh, L-C. Chuang, W. Ling
Key factors in the design of next generation portable supporting devices for elderly adults 137-138 | PDF
J-J. Chan, L-C. Chuang, H-J. Yeh

Symposium - Preventive policies, politics, profit and gerontechnology

Preventive policies, politics, profit and gerontechnology 139 | PDF
V.T. Taipale
On lifelong learning and permanent education 139-140 | PDF
H. Bouma
Gerontechnology and age diversity 140-141 | PDF
L. Stenberg, M. Nordlund, H. Intosalmi, J. Nykänen, A. Virkkunen
Policies and politics of ageing in India: Social and technological options 141 | PDF
R. Priya, H. Ansari
Why not? Charity as a motivational factor for participation in userdriven innovation 141-142 | PDF
P. Heikkilä, J. Leikas
The new perspective of house-for-pension pattern: The choice of Chinese elderly living arrangements 142-143 | PDF
Y-N. Luo

Symposium - Exergaming in gerontechnology: Moving forward

Exergaming in gerontechnology: Moving forward 144 | PDF
G. Terlouw
Development of a rehabilitation game to support stand-up exercise and its usability in care facilities 144-145 | PDF
H. Matsuguma, F. Hattori, J. Kajiwara
The bit-game, a serious exergame designed to support exercise and assess the 30-second chair stand test automatically 145-146 | PDF
G. Terlouw, B.H. Dijkstra, N. Ernsten, A. Dijkstra, H. Matsuguma
Chasing the sinusoid: Extrinsic motivation and monitoring of friction loaded squat exercise training 146-147 | PDF
H.W. van Dijk, B.O. Wartena, G. Wiersma, J. Botger
The effects of exercise interventions with and without technology for people with dementia 147-148 | PDF
Y. Schikhof, C.S. Sterke

Symposium - Empowering tribal elders in the Jin-yue tribe

Empowering tribal elders in the Jin-yue tribe through living lab methodologies 149 | PDF
D-J. Tsai
Participatory biomedical approach with partnership building 149-150 | PDF
D-J. Tsai, Y. Chen, Y-C. Chen, S-D. Lee
Putting in place an IT platform for healthcare management 150-151 | PDF
T-R. Hsu, D-J. Tsai, L-C. Chang, Y-C. Chen, J-Y. Chen
Designing a participatory ethical governance framework 151-152 | PDF
J-Y. Chen, D-J. Tsai, Y. Chen, S-D. Lee, H-T. Wan
Situating communication devices in tribal communities to enhance convenience in daily life by facilitating tribal community building 152-153 | PDF
S-D. Lee, D-J. Tsai, Y-C. Chen, C-Y. Hsu

Symposium - Inter-university and inter-disciplinary collaboration

Inter-university and inter-disciplinary collaboration in Gerontechnology: Lessons from North America 154 | PDF
R. Woolrych
AAL-WELL: AAL technologies and wellness for people with mild cognitive impairment 154-155 | PDF
A. Sixsmith, A. Mihailidis, A. Astell, L. Nygard
An example of a university/government relationship in the North American Chapter of the ISG 155-156 | PDF
W.D. Kearns, J.L. Fozard
Case study of an interdisciplinary university- business collaboration to develop technology 156-157 | PDF
C.M. Galambos, D. Domer, M. Scubic, M. Rantz
Challenges to forging Intra-university and university/corporate collaborations in gerontechnology 157 | PDF
S. Levkoff, J.L. Fozard
Partnering for gerontechnology research and development: Risks and rewards 157-158 | PDF
D.F. Mahoney

Symposium - Participatory design for (and with) persons with dementia

Participatory design for (and with) persons with dementia 159 | PDF
E.J.M. Wouters
Field research on cognitive decline and the use of technology by older adults 159-160 | PDF
S.T.M. Peek, S. Aarts, E.J.M. Wouters
Design of nursing homes of the future 160 | PDF
J. van Hoof
Designing happy games (apps) for people with dementia 160-161 | PDF
Y. Schikhof, J.H. Groenewoud, A.L. Cordia, J. de Lange
Don’t forget about the garden! The design of gardens for people with dementia 161-162 | PDF
E.L.M. Zwerts-Verhelst, J. van Hoof, E. Wouters

Other presentations

Blast from the past: Applying the P-III framework to facilitate intergenerational play between grandparents and grandchildren 163 | PDF
V. vanden Abeele, B. de Schutter
Benchmark study for technological options available for older adults to reduce family and caregiver burden 164 | PDF
M. Afifi, M. Al-Hussein
Integrated approach to elderly-friendly home bathroom design 165 | PDF
M. Afifi, M. Al-Hussein
Coping strategies as inspiration for the design of assistive technologies for cognition: An exploratory study 166 | PDF
J. Bauchet, V. Rialle
Collecting inertial signals from smartphones for the IGS database 167 | PDF
M. Berenguer, M.J. Bouzid, D. Cibaud, H. Teyssier, F. Evennou, N. Noury
Promoting mobility, autonomy and cognitive skills using integrated multiplayer solutions 168 | PDF
M.M. Bernard, R. Bartosova, W. Breipohl, J. Chomat, V. de Leonibus, P. Enste, M. Epstein, A. Girault, P. Guin, J. Hilbert, C. Lovis, S. Merkel, E. Pasche, S. Roelants, K. van den Branden, A. Verbeek, R. Wipfli, Y. Alayli
The user-centered design of an ambient technology for preventing falls at home 169 | PDF
M.E. Bobillier Chaumon, S. Bekkadja, F. Cros, B. Cuvillier
Decreases in the feeling of loneliness by virtue of ICT-based social housing services: Is it due to technology use or to the contact with evaluators? 170 | PDF
B. Boudin, V. Rialle, J. Sablier, L. Ben-Ahmed
Conditions for acceptability of technology in telecare: And the demise of acceptance 171 | PDF
D.G. Bouwhuis
VitalLight: Evaluation of a home system for regulating the sleep-wake cycle of elderly with dementia 172 | PDF
R. Brankaert, S. Suijkerbuijk, E. den Ouden, Y. de Kort, L. Snaphaan
Gerontechnology starts at birth and even earlier 173 | PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Developing a sensing solution to reduce the risk of falls for older people: An interdisciplinary approach 174 | PDF
C. Brown Wilson, J.C. Ceballos, P. Wright, J. Vaughan, C. Todd, P.J. Scully, K.B. Ozanyan
Physical assessment for elderly people via Nike+ iPod 175 | PDF
C-L. Chan, Y-G. Chen, Y-T. Lu, Y-C. Lin, K-R. Lai
Cortical activity difference in the young and elderly adult during a quiet standing task 176 | PDF
C-J. Chang, S-W. Yang
The relationship between force platform system measurement parameters and the balancing ability of the elderly 177 | PDF
C-S. Chang, W-H. Huang
Discussion on the elderly's needs in information and communication technologies 178 | PDF
H-M. Chang, Y-T. Cheng, C. Pei
Development of a motion sensing carpet for multiple interactive applications 179 | PDF
K-W. Chang, Y-L. Hsu, C-K. Lim, Y-W. Liu, W-Y. Chang
The implementation of virtual coach to enhance ambient assisted living 180 | PDF
W-S. Chang Chien, C-J. Hsu, T-Y. Lai
Study of a comprehensive successful aging model 181 | PDF
C-K. Chen, A-J. Shie, K-M. Wang
An innovative operation model of care facilities for the elderly in Taiwan 182 | PDF
H. Cheng, Y-C. Lu, S-C. Chen
Research of part-time base human resources management system 183 | PDF
J-M. Chen, S-Y. Lu
Cell phone feature preferences among older adults: A paired comparison study 184 | PDF
K. Chen, A.H.S. Chan, Q. Ma
A service design of a user-based tele-healthcare system for seniors 185 | PDF
T-C. Chen, P-C. Tuan, Y-F. Shih, J-Y. Wu
An exploration of rehabilitation medical access behaviour in elderly group 186 | PDF
Y-I. Chen, Y-F. Chen
Fitness exercises and designing well-being activities of the elderly 187 | PDF
Y-J. Chen, F-Y. Hsu
Application of interactive design on web interfaces into long-distance health-care for elderly: Example of the website ‘iShow-Nantou Smart Town’ 188 | PDF
Y-R. Chen, C-M. Wang, H-L. Hsieh
Developing a Service Connection Device (SCD) for the elderly in Taiwan 189 | PDF
H-J. Chien
Surfing the net in 50+ adults in Taiwan: Change in level and purpose of Internet use in Taiwan 2004-2012 190 | PDF
C-J. Chiu, Y-H. Hu, Y-C. Yu
Missing person identification and positioning system by means of wireless communication network 191 | PDF
W-M. Chi, Y-C. Lin, C-H. Chen
Mobile health care and safety care service system for seniors 192 | PDF
B-K. Chuang, C-R. Huang, Y-Y. Huang, F-L. Hsieh, J-Y. Chang
Baby boomers’ personal mobility needs in Taiwan 193 | PDF
L-C. Chuang, H-J. Yeh, W. Ling
E-mobile support for community-based dementia caregivers: A proof of concept phase 1. 194 | PDF
B.H. Davis, D. Shenk, M. Shehab, M. Nies
An occupational therapeutic perspective about the usage of multimedia technologies in support of dementia 195 | PDF
U. Ende, A. Sigmund
UbiCuts: Wearable communication and surveillance aids for older adults and the disabled 196 | PDF
S. Foo, N. Pang, X. Zhang
Domestication of a telehealthcare system 197 | PDF
S. Frennert, B. Östlund
The involvement of users and clinical teams in technology development: A case study 198 | PDF
C.M. Galambos, M. Rantz, M. Skubic
Digital perspectives on aging issues: A case of the USA 199 | PDF
Y-N. Gan, L. Lei
Senior-friendly kitchen activity: The FOOD Project 200 | PDF
F. Grossi, V. Bianchi, G. Matrella, I. de Munari, P. Ciampolini
Status and factors of rehabilitation service utilization among old disabled population in China 201 | PDF
C. Guo, X-Y. Zheng
Promising treatment for pressure ulcers using high voltage pulsed current stimulation 202 | PDF
D. Herminawaty, I.R. Defi, T. Probowo, T. Parwati
Analysis of EMG signals in human fingers using MSE method 203 | PDF
T-T. Ho, C. Hansen, C-H. Chang, J-S. Shieh
Behavioral analysis of the active aging groups’ ecotourism travel experience 204 | PDF
Y-F. Ho, L-S. Lu
Leg stiffness during hopping does not change with aging 205 | PDF
H. Hobara, Y. Kobayashi, M. Mochimaru
A ’Psychological Health Scale’ for the elderly in Taiwan’ by Erikson’s viewpoints inquiry 206 | PDF
Y-J. Hsu, H-Y. Chen
An active aging App design for older adults 207 | PDF
H-M. Hua, H. Hayes, H. Hussain, C-Y. Hsiao, V. Patel
Assessment of a motor-powered assistive sofa for the elderly 208 | PDF
C. Huang
The effects of elbow and knee aging simulators on young subjects 209 | PDF
C. Huang
The sonification of elderly care alert systems using Kinect, based on Laban movement analysis 210 | PDF
C-F. Huang, Y-J. Luo, H-L. Lin
Willingness of Chinese college students to participate in time bank 211 | PDF
G. Huang
A framework of an always-with companion agent for the isolated elderly 212 | PDF
H-H. Huang, Y. Takeda, K. Kiyoshi, K. Kawagoe
Location services research travel patterns of older persons based on Zigbee 213 | PDF
H-J. Huang, H-Z. Feng
Does marriage affect survival among the elderly in China? 214 | PDF
Q. Huang, G. Chen
Care delivery frame: A home telehealth system based on social networking 215 | PDF
Y-C. Huang, Y-L. Hsu
Basic study on detecting the intention of the person requiring meal care using NIRS-apparatus 216 | PDF
H. Ishihara, H. Inoue, S. Shimizu
A Screen touch game to promote cognitive and physical fitness in older people 217 | PDF
K. Ishihara, T. Nakamura, S. Ishihara
Computer simulation of interaction between pressures inside the body with a mattress 218 | PDF
S. Ishihara, K. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi
High level architecture of a user-friendly relational home computing interface for people with mild cognitive impairment 219 | PDF
P. Jackson, A. Sixsmith, A. Mihailidis
Physical computer games for motivating physical play among elderly 220 | PDF
J.D. Jessen, H.H. Lund, C. Jessen
Issues influencing IT implementation for aged care 221 | PDF
V. Kapadia, J. Li, A. Bakshi
An excretion care support system using a scanning range finder 222 | PDF
H. Kato, T. Fujinami
Location aware smart watch to support aging in place 223 | PDF
W.D. Kearns, J.L. Fozard, P. Webster, J. Jasiewicz
Instruction designs for medicine boxes and manual instruction pamphlets for older adults 224 | PDF
H-H. Ko, P-C. Tuan
Principal component analysis: Joint kinematics features during overground walking in elderly fallers 225 | PDF
Y. Kobayashi, H. Hobara, M. Mochimaru
Elderly care using teleoperated android Telenoid 226 | PDF
K. Kuwamura, R. Yamazaki, S. Nishio, H. Ishiguro
A food intake monitoring system to provide nutritional management for elderly people 227 | PDF
H-F. Lai, U. Chao
Determinants of age-friendly communities 228 | PDF
M-M. Lai, S-Y. Lein, S-H. Lau, M-L. Lai
A multifaceted platform for complementary consulting services for retired senior executives 229 | PDF
T-J. Lai, H-H. Wu, C-Y. Huang
A novel method for the assessment of the baroreflex sensitivity 230 | PDF
Y-H. Lai, L-Y. Guo
Geriatric and non-geriatric cancer caregivers: Perceived benefits of technology 231 | PDF
M.I. Lapid, P.J. Atherton, M.M. Clark, S. Kung, J.W. Richardson, A.L. Cheville, L.N. Dyrbye, J.M. Hubbard, K.M. Piderman, T.D. Shanafelt, J.A. Sloan, C.P. West, D.K. Schott, T.A. Rummans
A novel evaluation platform for the evaluation of anti-ulcers mattress 232 | PDF
Y-H. Lai, M-W. Sue, L-Y. Guo
Prevalence of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in Taoyuan county of Taiwan 233 | PDF
C-H. Lee, Y-L. Liu, C-Y. Huang, M-P. Huang
CORNSOUP, an interactive service platform for older persons: A usability pilot 234 | PDF
C-Y. Lee, H-H. Lin
Pill recognition using image processing techniques and neural networks 235 | PDF
H-C. Lee, T-Y. Chang
Picgo: A reminiscence physical-digital photo annotation service for the elderly 236 | PDF
H-C. Lee, S-Y. Cho, Y-F. Cheng, H-H. Tang, Y-J. Hsu, C-H. Chen
Use of participatory computational methods for senior housing design 237 | PDF
M-D. Lee, T-J. Lee
Airport wayfinding and interactive map design for the elderly 238 | PDF
S. Lee
A design for the priority seating system on Taiwan buses 239 | PDF
T-J. Lee, M-D. Lee
The exploration of middle-aged and older adults’ future preparation: Learning perspectives 240 | PDF
Y-H. Lee, C-Y. Lu
Current status and related factors of engagement in unpaid family work among Chinese elderly in Beijing 241 | PDF
L. Lei, X. Zhang
Fit-for-life of future emerging technology 242 | PDF
J. Leikas, P. Saariluoma
Predictors of life satisfaction: Perspectives from Malaysian adults 243 | PDF
S-Y. Lein, M-M. Lai, S-H. Lau, M-L. Lai
A natural user-interface based platform for cognitive rehabilitation in Alzheimer’s disease patients 244 | PDF
A. Leone, A. Caroppo, P. Siciliano
Impact of mobile phone usage on social loneliness of elderly in Beijing 245 | PDF
B-J. Liang, G. Chen
The application of emotional design and 3D printing for interactive product design for use by the elderly: An interactive customized planter design 246 | PDF
C-K. Lim
Acceptance of telecare system for older people who live alone 247 | PDF
C-S. Lin, L-Y. Chan
The behavioral intention of people over age 45 towards hospice care 248 | PDF
C-S. Lin, S-J. Huang
Assessment of range of shoulder motion using Kinect 249 | PDF
J-L. Liu, H-C. Chuan, P-C. Kuan
An innovative recreation installation for elderly people 250 | PDF
T-G. Lin, H-L. Shih, P-Y. Wu, C-Y. Liang, C-C. Huang, C-H. Kao, C-W. Lin, C-T. Lee
Using factor analysis to analyse health-promoting activities of the elderly in the community: Lessons from the Senior Health and Activity Center in Taoyuan 251 | PDF
H. C-Y. Liu
A standard operation procedure of transport service for adult day care centers 252 | PDF
H-L. Liu, L-J. Chu, T-W. Lee, R-Y. You
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Organizing team

The organizing team of ISG2014 318 | PDF
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