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Vol 12, No 1

Table of Contents

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Open Access and gerontechnology 1-4 | pdf
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk


Apology 15 | PDF
M. Rowe, W. Kearns, M.E. Bowen

Original Research

Supporting safe walking for people with dementia: User participation in the development of new technology 4-15 | PDF
L. McCabe, A. Innes
The Subjective Technology Adaptivity Inventory (STAI): A motivational measure of technology usage in old age 16-25 | PDF
S.T. Kamin, F.R. Lang
Preliminary evidence for the feasibility of at-home online cognitive training with older adults 26-35 | PDF
K.L. Gigler, K. Blomeke, E. Shatil, S. Weintraub, P.J. Reber
Older people’s health-related ICT-use in Sweden 36-43 | PDF
S. Wiklund Axelsson, A. Melander Wikman, A. Näslund, L. Nyberg
The effects of jigsaw- and constructive controversy-based collaborative learning strategies on older adults’ eHealth literacy 44-54 | PDF
I. Watkins, B. Xie

Last minute posters

Predictors for the use of remote telecare in older adults in the Netherlands 55 | PDF
M.G.E.F. Antonietti, A. Barakat, H.S.K. Kort
Predictors for the use of remote telecare for health care professionals 56 | PDF
A. Barakat, A. Antonietti, H.S.M. Kort
Modification of night actimetry profile before a fall: Retrospective case control study of 60 cases of institutionalized patients at risk of fall 57 | PDF
S. Gonfrier, I. Pele, B. Leboime
Creating sustainable healthcare facilities through strategy on lighting and home automation 58 | PDF
E.R.C.M. Huisman, H.S.M. Kort
Visual functioning and visual comfort in care facilities for older adults 59 | PDF
M.M. Sinoo, H.S.M. Kort


ISG*ISARC2012 and its General Assembly 60 | PDF
A.A. Franco
New ISG-Grandmaster Herman Bouma’s acceptance speech (June 28, 2012) 60-61 | PDF
H. Bouma
Francesco Franchimon PhD, outgoing Secretary-General 61 | PDF
A.A. Franco, R. Woolrich
Ryan Woolrych PhD, incoming Secretary-General 61-62 | PDF
R. Woolrich
Tilde Bekker PhD, outgoing Treasurer 62 | PDF
A.A. Franco
Alexander Peine PhD, incoming Treasurer 62 | PDF
A. Peine
Professor Shigekazu Ishihara PhD, new president of the Japanese chapter 62 | PDF
S. Ishihara

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