Vol 13, No 4

Editor: Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk PhD EurProBiol

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Empowering self-esteem 381-382 | PDF
D.G. Bouwhuis


Ethical telehealth design for users with dementia 383-387 | PDF
S. Pakrasi, O.K. Burmeister, J.F. Coppola, T.J. McCallum, G. Loeb
The role of coping, relaxation, and age on stress and task performance with new technology 388-395 | PDF
K. Dijkstra, N. Charness, R. Yordon, J. Price
Older people’s perspectives on virtual mobility 396-404 | PDF
M. Heward
Collaboration of an assistive robot and older adults with dementia 405-419 | PDF
M. Begum, R. Huq, R. Wang, A. Mihailidis
Electrically stimulating antagonist muscles could improve strength in older men: A pilot study 420-425 | PDF
Y. Takano,, H. Matsuse, Y. Haneda, Y. Tsukada, N. Shiba, Y. Tagawa

Best Practice

Design of an iPad cover for people with cognitive impairment 426-427 | PDF
A.L. Cordia
Safe patient handling in Taiwan 428-430 | PDF
J. Chang


The Value of ‘Web of Science’ for ‘Gerontechnology’ 431-432 | PDF
A. Hanson
The Value of ‘Web of Science’ for ‘Gerontechnology’ (response) 432-433 | PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk

From the Sinophone chapter

Journal of Gerontechnology and Service Management 2014;2(3) 434-441 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu

ISG Business

Presidential statement of our new ISG President 442 | PDF
A. Sixsmith
Gerontoludic for fun! 442 | PDF
B. de Schutter, K. Gerling, J. Brown, A. Collins McLaughlin, S. Mosberg Iversen, J. Allaire, M. Rice, H.H. Nap
ISG Master Class Nice 442 | PDF
A. Franco

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