Vol 14, No 2

Editor: Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk PhD EurProBiol

Table of Contents

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Cybersecurity for old people 63 | PDF
P. Saariluoma


Challenges towards a Connected Community Healthcare Ecosystem (CCHE) for managing long-term conditions 64-77 | PDF
N. Carroll, C. Kennedy, I. Richardson


Helping older adults conquer digital tablets 78-88 | PDF
P. Wright
Dementia caregivers’ technology preferences: Design insights from qualitative interviews 89-96 | PDF
J. Schreve, R.R. Baier, G. Epstein-Lubow, R.L. Gardner
An ecological momentary sampling tool for movement patterns and psychiatric symptom variability: A pilot study 105-109 | PDF
D.B. King, A. Sixsmith, H.Y. Shahir, M. Sadeghi, M. Razmara, N. O’Rourke

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