Vol 15, No 3

Editor: Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk PhD EurProBiol

Table of Contents

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The future of Gerontechnology: Proposals from the new editor-in-chief 125-129 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu, D.L. Bai


Caring TVĀ® as a forerunner in developing eHealth and eWelfare services 130-145 | PDF
K.E. Raij
Robotics: A new paradigm in geriatric healthcare 146-161 | PDF
R. Agnihotri, S. Gaur


Strategies for enhancing success in digital tablet use by older adults: A pilot study 162-170 | PDF
B. Fletcher-Watson, C.J. Crompton, M. Hutchison, H. Lu
Real relationships in a virtual world: Social engagement among older adults in Second Life 171-179 | PDF
C.J. O'Brien, J.L. Smith, D.E. Beck

From the Sinophone chapter

Journal of Gerontechnology and Service Mangement 2016;4(2) 181-186 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu

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