Vol 15, No 2

Editor: Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk PhD EurProBiol

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Brazilian gerontechnology 63-64 | PDF
C. da Silva Santana

Proceedings of the 1st Brazilian Congress of Gerontechnology

Proceedings of the 1st Brazilian Congress of Gerontechnology 65-97 | PDF
C. da Silva Santana, M. Soares Bernardes
Assistive technology for people with dementia: A Brazilian view 65-97 | PDF
C. da Silva Santana
Ageing and technology: Creating environments to support an ageing society (keynote) 65-97 | PDF
R. Woolrych
Aging process assets and social dimensions of science and technology (keynote) 65-97 | PDF
W. José Alves Pedro
Technology for longevity: Predictors for use of technology (keynote) 65-97 | PDF
H.S.M. Kort
Technologies and active aging: Significance of interaction in the information age (keynote) 65-97 | PDF
A. Pasqualotti
Design for All: A proposal for inclusion and safe autonomy 65-97 | PDF
M. Andaluz Ribeiro, R. João Maurico
The constitution of the field of gerontology and differentiation technologies 65-97 | PDF
M.A. de Figueiredo Acosta
Digital inclusion of the elderly in Brazil and the impact of digital 65-97 | PDF
F. Manzano Moreira Lodovici, P. Lodovici Neto
Social inclusion technology: The importance of closed captioning 65-97 | PDF
D. Burini, J. Ribeiro de Moura
The use of technology in the learning process in an aging context 65-97 | PDF
B. Della Maggiore Orlandi, F. Pedro Moura, W.J. Alves Pedro
Marketing strategies for the Brazilian silver market: Communication and consumption 65-97 | PDF
C. Jose Zanon
Work, aging and technology 65-97 | PDF
T. Marquine Raymundo
Mobility aids for the elderly: Challenges and opportunities for the Brazilian market 65-97 | PDF
F. Orsi Medola, G. da Silva Bertolaccini, J.A. Marques Boiani, S.R. Martins da Silva
Assistive technology (AT) solutions for independence of older adults 65-97 | PDF
V. Meirelles Carril Elui
Elderly users’ perception of a remote program for assisted independence 65-97 | PDF
M.M. Castro Bianchi, C. da Silva Santana
Use of devices for home monitoring of chronic conditions 65-97 | PDF
M. Soares Bernardes, C. da Silva Santana
Effects of chiropractic care and interactive training game in oxidative markers and pain of elderly 65-97 | PDF
P. Pasqualotti, Petter F. Silva, L. Oliveira Siqueira, A. Pasqualotti
Measuring the results of different research protocols on multisensory stimulation 65-97 | PDF
B.M. Machado, M.L. Callis Izar, M. Lanna Magalhães, I. Lourenço Luiz Silva, C. da Silva Santana
Research priorities agenda for the health of the elderly: Reflections from 65-97 | PDF
M. Nituma Ogata, M.C. da Silva, L. Bonfanti Anitelli, W.J. Alves Pedro


Telecare acceptance as sticky entrapment: A realist review 98-108 | PDF
M.S. Berge


Tablet technology and occupational performance for older adults 109-115 | PDF
M. Zilberman, S. Benham, P. Kramer


Health and the city 116 | PDF
C. Wagenaar

From the Sinophone chapter

Journal of Gerontechnology and Service Mangement 2015;4(1) 117-121 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu

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