Vol 9, No 1

Editor Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk PhD EurProBiol

Table of Contents

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Gerontechnology for Architecture and Construction 1-4 | PDF
G.J. Maas, J-P. Grunau


Erratum Homo ludens: Adult creativity and quality of life 4 |
J.L. Fozard

Original Research

Attitudes of older adults toward shooter video games: An initial study to select an acceptable game for training visual processing 5-17 | PDF
S.M. McKay, B.E. Maki
Technology and Long-term Care (TLC): A pilot evaluation of remote monitoring of elders 18-31 | PDF
S. Reder, G. Ambler, M. Philipose, S. Hedrick
Safety and monitoring technologies for the homes of people with dementia 32-45 | PDF
M. Riikonen, K. Mäkelä, S. Perälä
Variability among older adults in Internet health information-seeking performance 46-55 | PDF
S.J. Czaja, J. Sharit, M.A. Hernandez, S.N. Nair, D. Loewenstein
The potential impact of design changes on independent living in old age 56-61 | PDF
D. Seidel, K. Richardson, C. Jagger, C. Brayne, P.J. Clarkson


Letter from the editor for the 9th volume 62 | PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk

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