Vol 11, No 2

Editor: J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk

ISG*ISARC2012 World Conference, Eindhoven

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Welcome to ISG*ISARC2012 World Conference 63 | PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk, G.J. Maas, F.J.M. van Gassel

Application systems - Realities: Keynote

Smart BIM (Building Information Modelling) 64 | PDF
B. de Vries, E. Allameh, M. Heidari Jozam

Application systems - Realities: Symposium

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and virtual construction 65 | PDF
B. de Vries
Video-based highway asset recognition and 3D localization 65-66 | PDF
V. Balali, M. Golparvar-Fard, J.M. de la Garza
National guidelines for bridge information modeling and automation 66 | PDF
R. Heikkilä, J. Hovila
BIM functions for optimized construction management in civil engineering 67 | PDF
H-S. Moon, H-S. Kim, L-S. Kang, C-H. Kim
Advanced process control for infrastructure building processes 67-68 | PDF
E. Viljamaa, I. Peltomaa, J. Hovila, R. Heikkilä

Application systems - Realities: Other Presentations

Markerless vision-based augmented reality for enhanced project visualization 69 | PDF
F. Bosché, D. Tingdahl, L. Carozza, L. van Gool
Parametric modelling based approach for efficient quantity takeoff of NATM-Tunnels 70 | PDF
D-G. Cho, H-H. Cho, N-S. Cho, K-I. Kang
Spin-image based 3D plant equipment model reconstruction from CAD database 71 | PDF
M. Cho, C-W. Kim
A preliminary study on a visual quantity takeoff manual. 72 | PDF
C-H. Choi, J. Lee, Y-J. Park, J-Y. Soh, C-H. Han
Robust material recognition for automated semantically-rich 3D modelling 73 | PDF
A. Dimitrov, M. Golparvar-Fard, F. Peña-Mora
BIM model-based Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) integration and coordination system 74 | PDF
C-W. Feng, Y-J. Chen, K-W. Lee
Constructing as-is BIMs from progressive scan data 75 | PDF
T. Gao, B. Akinci, S. Ergan, J. Garrett
Dynamic simulation and visualization for site layout planning 76 | PDF
K-Y. He, I-C. Wu
An integrated system for automated construction progress visualization using IFC-Based BIM 77 | PDF
C-M. Kim, H-J. Son, C-W. Kim
A reverse modelling method for quality assessment of the as-built condition using 3D-shape information 78 | PDF
M.N. Lee, S-W. Kwon, J.H. Shin
Online remote construction performance monitoring and control using a web-based 4D augmented reality modeling environment 79 | PDF
M. Liu, M. Golparvar-Fard, F. Peña-Mora
BIM-vision-based indoor localization prototype 80 | PDF
M-H. Tsai, Y-C. Hus, C-M Chiu, S-H. Chuang

Automation: Presenations

Automated prediction of condition state rating in bridge inspection 81 | PDF
R.S. Adhikari, O. Moselhi, A. Bagchi
Digital photogrametry in investigation of application membranes on the surfaces of cementitious materials 82 | PDF
P. Briatka, J. Gašparik
A plane tracker for AEC-automation applications 83 | PDF
C. Feng, V.R. Kamat
Automated quality excellence evaluation 84 | PDF
J. Gašparik, M. Gašparík
Surveying of road slopes using mobile LiDAR 85 | PDF
H. González-Jorge, P. Arias Sanchez, I. Puente, J. Martínez
Automated-driven concrete piling: Latest developments and experiments in Finland 86 | PDF
R. Heikkilä, J. Hovila, P. Kilpeläinen, E. Viljamaa, J. Törnqvist, K. Nevala, T. Makkonen
Automated deep stabilization in construction 87 | PDF
R. Heikkilä, J. Hovila, K. Nevala, T. Makkonen, P. Kilpeläinen, J. Törnqvist, J. Liukas
Automating fabrication sequencing for industrial construction 88 | PDF
D. Hu, Y. Mohamed
Shape recognition with point clouds in rebars 89 | PDF
K. Ishida, N. Kano, K. Kimoto
Automated pipeline extraction for modeling from laserscanned data 90 | PDF
J. Lee, C. Kim, H. Son, C-H Kim
RFID indoor location identification for construction projects 91 | PDF
A. Montaser, O. Moselhi
Infrastructureless inspection process automation in construction 92 | PDF
R. Oueiss, D. Chdid, H. Khoury, D. Asmar, I. Elhajj
Self-growing motion mechanism for inspection and maintenance 93 | PDF
S. Park, D. Hong
Non-destructive GPR evaluation of underpass arch-shape structures 94 | PDF
M. Solla, H. González-Jorge, P. Arias Sanchez, H. Lorenzo
Ultra-pervasive district monitoring for water leak detection 95 | PDF
M. Vaccarini, B. Naticchia, A. Casolaro, A. Carbonari

Communication - Management - Governance: Keynotes

Telecare adoption and technology acceptance 96 | PDF
D.G Bouwhuis, A.A.G. Sponselee, L.M.J. Meesters
Longitudinal studies on aging and cohort effects: Exploring the synergies with gerontechnology 97 | PDF
J.L. Fozard, H-W. Wahl
European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on active and healthy ageing: A new stakeholder approach 98 | PDF
M. Iglesia-Gomez
The financing and economy for an aging society 99 | PDF
C.N. Teulings
Demographic change and AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) in the European research area 100 | PDF
C. Wehrmann

Communication - Management - Governance: Symposia

Paradigm shift in construction and care 101 | PDF
A.L.M. van Eekelen
What drives innovation in construction? A project management team perspective 101-102 | PDF
D. Grau, J. Kirk
Gerontechnology acceptance by older Hong Kong people 102-103 | PDF
K. Chen, A.H.S. Chan, S.C. Chan
Life-based design methodology for gerontechnology 103-104 | PDF
J. Leikas, P. Saariluoma
Of hardware, software and mindware 104 | PDF
A.L.M. van Eekelen, G.J. Maas
Role of cohort effects and technology generations in gerontechnology 105 | PDF
J.L. Fozard, H-W. Wahl
Cohort effects in technology use 105-106 | PDF
L. Nygård, C. Malinowsky, A. Kottorp
The concept of technology generations revisited: New insights from sociology 106-107 | PDF
R. Sackmann, O. Winkler
Cohort effects in techology acceptance 107-108 | PDF
K. Claßen, F. Oswald, H-W. Wahl
Performance-related factors for devices differing in diffusion 109 | PDF
L.I. Schmidt, H-W. Wahl
Assessing user-needs to realize active aging in the built environment 110 | PDF
F.J.M. van Gassel
Testing a working method for designers to solve problems by activities of daily living 110-111 | PDF
F.J.M. van Gassel
AEM-cube design 111-112 | PDF
W.J.M.J. van den Bouwhuijsen, R. Dijkman
Scenario-based design for user-centered development of care robots 112-113 | PDF
D. Compagna, F. Kohlbacher
Aging and architecture, design aids for 'age-proof' housing 113-114 | PDF
P. Schmid, G. Pal-Schmid
The incubation of gerontechnology 115 | PDF
J.A.M. Graafmans
Conveying the needs and demands of older people to engineers and designers 115-116 | PDF
P.A.G. Vermijs, J.A.M. Graafmans
Developments in the continuing agenda of Gerontechnology 116 | PDF
H. Bouma
The relevance of gerontechnology for medical, biological and behavioral studies on aging 116-117 | PDF
J.L. Fozard
International, political and scientific networking in Gerontechnology resulting in the foundation of the Society of Gerontechnology 117 | PDF
V.T. Taipale
Culture and social impact to gerontechnology in the Sinophone world 118 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu
How Chinese culture connects to gerontechnology 118-119 | PDF
K-M. Wang, K.H.C. Wang, Y-Y. Chung
The owner of the communication tools influence on old people family interaction frequency 119 | PDF
C.B. Li, L. Zhou, I. Chi, G. Chen
Profile of the 'aging boomers' in Taiwan 119-120 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu, R-H. Su, Z. Wang
Inspiration from the Chinese culture in gerontechnology 120-121 | PDF
C-K. Lim, C. Geiser
European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on active and healthy ageing 122 | PDF
M. Iglesia Gomez
Integrated care for chronic diseases, leveraging remote monitoring and telehealth apporaches 122-123 | PDF
J.W. Hofstraat
The quest for an affordable AAL-solution 123-124 | PDF
M. d'Angelantonio
Preventing falls amongst older people in Europe: Networking to build the knowledge base and promote practice 124-125 | PDF
C.J. Todd
Living Tomorrow: Open-innovation platform to invent the future in health care 125 | PDF
J. de Vos
Expanding e-Health knowledge 126 | PDF
H.S.M. Kort
From home telehealth to 'communication and care' 127-128 | PDF
Y-C. Huang, H-J. Lin, Y-S. Chen, M-C. Shieh, Y-L. Hsu
Getting the US mHealth market to take our medicine 128 | PDF
A.A. Sterns, J. Hughes, C. Goldstein
User requirements of an e-mental health tool 128-129 | PDF
M.G.E.F. Antonietti, M. Hieder, A. Moenis, M. Nijenhuis, H.S.M. Kort
Business models in e-Health care 129-130 | PDF
H. Roelfsema
Incorporating new technologies in health-care systems 131 | PDF
J. Lemberger
Barriers and success factors in implementing advanced technologies to benefit the elderly: A perspective from Israel 131-132 | PDF
J. Lemberger, D. Idar
Succeeding in mHealth in the USA 132-133 | PDF
A.A. Sterns
Overview of e-Health projects in The Netherlands: Barriers to implementation 133-134 | PDF
H.S.M. Kort, J. van Hoof
User needs and ambient-assisted living in The Netherlands 134 | PDF
J. van Hoof, E.J.M. Wouters
Performance engineering for built environments 135 | PDF
G.J. Maas
Auditors' influence in infrastructural design-build projects 135-136 | PDF
R. Favié
Resident’s influence on performance of energy saving technologies 136-137 | PDF
G. Abdalla, C.J.H. Midden, G.J. Maas
Construction waste generation due to the design phase 137-138 | PDF
L. Abarca Guerrero, G.J. Maas, A.J.D. Lambert
Contribution of smart-home platforms to user acceptance 138-139 | PDF
M. Brink, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Information and communication technologies for independent living: Lessons learned from recent European projects 140 | PDF
A. Sixsmith
Beyond Silos: Making integrated eCare a viable reality 141 | PDF
I. Meyer, S. Müller, L. Kubitschke
Aligning a user-centred approach to the implementation of assistive technologies: Challenges from the SOPRANO Project 141-142 | PDF
R. Woolrych, A. Sixsmith
Market driven implementation of the eCAALYX solution 142-143 | PDF
H.H. Nap, I. Bierhoff, A. Ferreiro, A. Català, A. Samà, C. Gálvez-Barrón, A. Rodríguez-Molinero, H.S. Ferreira, A. Martins, M. Antomarini, F. Cesaroni, C. Sdogati, L. Carvalho, R. Castro, J. Spallek
International initiatives on development of information and communication technologies to assist older people 143-144 | PDF
A. Sixsmith
Gerontechnology matrices as collaboration tools 145 | PDF
A. Tinker
The interdiscipline nature of gerontechnology; functions and problems 145 | PDF
H. Bouma
The inclusiveness and utility of the Gerontechnology matrix: Broader would make it better 146 | PDF
A. Tinker
The gerontechnology matrix five years on: Interdisciplinary and educational issues 146-147 | PDF
R.E. Mayagoitia-Hill
Designing for enhancement & satisfaction 147-148 | PDF
L. Neven, A. Peine

Communication - Management - Governance: Other Presenations

A Bayesian model for real-time safety management in construction sites 149 | PDF
C. Argiolas, A. Carbonari, F. Melis, E. Quaquero
Building Information Modeling for facilitiy management: A case study 150 | PDF
V. Aspurez, B. Becerik-Gerber
COBALT: Challenging obstacles and barriers to assistive living technologies 151 | PDF
A.J. Astell, E.A. Williams, F. Hwang, M. Norton, T. Adlam, K. Lethbridge, D. Wright, S. Harney-Levine, M. Ellis
Assessment of sustainable construction in Lebanon 152 | PDF
R.E. Awwad, K. ElKhoury
Market and policy development for an aging society conference: New avenues to fill the gap between health and welfare demands and effective ICTsolutions (AAL summit 2012) 153 | PDF
M. Biddle, O. Rivera, J. Pérez Gil
How is older adult ICT-use influenced by work status? 154 | PDF
J.L.H. Birkland
Developing an eHealth service supporting a functional training program for older adults 155 | PDF
O. Blanson Henkemans, K. Kranenborg, A. Cremers, L. Engbers
Social alarm acceptance by frail elderly people: Is TAM relevant? 156 | PDF
B. Boudin, J. Gaucher
The use of communication technologies by the elderly in a digital inclusion project in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil 157 | PDF
R. Carolina Paulo, T. Marquine Raymundo, C.M. Soares Bernardes, M. Pantoni Santana, C. Silva Santana
Requirements for pain tracking and management tools 158 | PDF
C. Chavez Knott, S. McBride, J. Sidman, D. Bauer, W.A. Rogers
National expertise center in cognition: New tools for progress 159 | PDF
K. Chhing, H. Owsiejczyk, S. Benveniste, S. Reingewirtz, E. Brangier, A.S. Rigaud
Smart home technology acceptance: Beyond technology 160 | PDF
M. Conci
The impact of ICT use on loneliness and contact with others among older adults 161 | PDF
S.R. Cotten, W. Anderson, B. McCullough
BIPV prototype for the solar insolation calculation 162 | PDF
M.K. Dixit, W. Yan
SIMPLIT: Ensuring technology usability for the elderly 163 | PDF
J.V. Durá, J. Laparra, R. Poveda, R. Marzo, A. Lopez, C. Bollain
Risk management model for critical infrastructures 164 | PDF
S.M. Elkabets, I.M. Shohet
Unmet user needs for hip protectors might explain low compliance 165 | PDF
P. Friderichsen, T.C.B. Storholmen, E.H. Aspnes, C. Våpenstad, J.K. Reitan
Risk communication design for older adults 166 | PDF
V. Garg, L. Huber, L.J. Camp, K. Connelly
Energy saving through adaptive control of ventilation systems 167 | PDF
A. Giretti, A. Carbonari, M. Vaccarini
Environmental modeling for the optimal energy control of subway stations 168 | PDF
A. Giretti, M. Lemma, R. Larghetti, R. Ansuini
A rural information and demonstration centre on products and services for older people 169 | PDF
J.A.M. Graafmans, T.S.K. Ikonen-Graafmans, M.J. Tuominen, R.K. Rantala
Applying building information modelling in evaluating building energy performance 170 | PDF
C-Y. Hsieh, I-C. Wu
Family trace on elderly depression and chronic diseases 171 | PDF
H.M. Hua, Y.H. Lin, K.H. Hung, S.L. Hsu, T. Lee
Change and contract management modules of intelligent- program management information systems (i-PgMIS) for urban renewal projects 172 | PDF
C.T. Hyun, Y.W. Cha, R.Z. Jin, M.J. Son
A cognitive training game for elderly people 173 | PDF
K. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi, S. Ishihara
Refurbishing homes for elderly using CAD-BIM-CNC technology 174 | PDF
K. Iturralde
The adoption of Industrialised Building System (IBS) construction in Malaysia 175 | PDF
K.A.M. Kamar, Z.A. Hamid, I. Din
RECAP: An EEG-initiative concerning remote applications 176 | PDF
H.H.M. Korsten, F. Klijn, L. de Maeschalck, L. Peeraer
Technology acceptance and usage in old age 177 | PDF
H. Künemund, N.M. Tanschus
Framework for Infrastructure adaptation to climate change 178 | PDF
H.K. Lee, T. Park, H.K. Kim
Application of regenerative lift for energy saving in the construction stage 179 | PDF
M.D. Lee, M.K. Won, S.G. Lee, H.H. Cho, K.I. Kang
Acceptance of automotive navigator for drivers over age 50 180 | PDF
C-S. Lin, S-T. Hwang
MDA-based facility management applications under BIM 181 | PDF
C-Y. Lin, C-C. Chou
Applying building information modelling in environmental impact assessment for urban deep excavation projects 182 | PDF
S.R. Lu, I.C. Wu, B.C. Hsiung
Incorporating fundamental values in ICT for older persons: Dependent older persons giving consent to technology support 183 | PDF
E. Mantovani, D. Gomez Lopez, G. Koumanakos, O. Thompson
Acceptability of technologies by the elderly 184 | PDF
T. Marquine Raymundo, V. Meirelles Carril Elui, R. Carolina de Paulo, C. Silva Santana
Automation of modular design and construction manufacturing through an Integrated BIM/lean model 185 | PDF
M. Moghadam, G. Singh, M. Al-hussein
Future smart (care) homes: An explorative research into the future trends regarding strategies for the smart living environment for older citizens 186 | PDF
M. Mohammadi, J. van de Koppel, M. van Beek, H. Godfroij
4D and Tablet PC for progress reporting 187 | PDF
A. Montaser, O. Moselhi
Fuzzy sets-based contingency estimating and management 188 | PDF
O. Moselhi, A. Salah
Developing a mobile experience sampling tool for seniors with bipolar disorder 189 | PDF
S. Namazi, U. Glaesser, A. Sixsmith, N. O'Rourke
The design of a digital learning game for seniors 190 | PDF
H.H. Nap, U. Diaz-Orueta, I. Bierhoff, H. van den Heuvel, K. Lozar Manfreda, V. Dolničar
NICT and the elderly: From representations to acceptance 191 | PDF
E. Née, J. Neves da Fonseca, G. Piaton
Use of electronic devices in homes by elderly 192 | PDF
D. Oliveira Silva, T. Marquine Raymundo, C. Silva Santana
Instrumentalization program of elderly for the use of health care facilities in the domestic environment 193 | PDF
M. Pantoni Santana, M. Soares Bernardes, T. Marquine Raymundo, C. Silva Santana
Social-structural lag in the design of smart environments 194 | PDF
A. Peine, L. Neven
The future of assistive technologies for dementia 195 | PDF
C. Peterson, N.R. Prasad, R. Prasad
User centred innovation: Experiences from case studies in Norwegian health care 196 | PDF
J. Reitan, T.C.B. Friderichssen, P. Friderichssen, O.P. Naesgaard, K. Holboe, M. Roervik, E.H. Aspnes
Sustainability awareness of Turkish older adults 197 | PDF
Y. Savut, Y. Afacan, T. Tezcan
Integrated interface management system and project schedule 198 | PDF
S. Shokri, K. Maloney, S. MacGillivray, C.T. Haas, R.C.G. Haas
Elderly instrumentation for everyday use of electronic equipment 199 | PDF
C. Silva Santana, V. Mereilles Carril Elui, P. Mazzoncini de Azevedo Marques
Telecare accessibility: Technical, personal, and organisational issues 200 | PDF
A.A.G. Sponselee, B.A.M. Schouten, D.G. Bouwhuis
Participation of older senior citizens in the information society 201 | PDF
L. Stenberg, K. Pesola, J. Pehkonen
Requirements Identification for a BIM-GIS Integrated platform to support facility management activities 202 | PDF
S. Taneja, B. Akinci, J. Garrett
Energy saving potential of an optimized hybrid solar-assisted air conditioning system using sequential quadratic programming 203 | PDF
V. Vakiloroaya, R. Dibbs, Q.P. Ha
Hierarchies of needs for aging-in-place 204 | PDF
R.D. van der Vlies, M. Brink, A. Haans
Innovation adoption model for the elderly people 205 | PDF
K.H.C. Wang
E-Health collaborative learning strategies for older adults 206 | PDF
I. Watkins, B. Xie
Older adults, computer literacy, and web-based intelligent tutoring 207 | PDF
I. Watkins, B. Xie, R. Devanarayanan, L. Kanal
Tablets for seniors: Bridging the digital divide 208 | PDF
K. Werner, F. Werner
Interdisciplinary undergraduate learning modules in gerontechnology 209 | PDF
H-I. Yang, P. Martin, D. Satterfield, M. Shelley, J. Wong, C.K. Chang

Gerontechnology Art

Gerontechnology Art: What I loved 210 | PDF
J. Hillen

Health - Comfort - Self-Esteem: Keynotes

Memory function and supportive technology 211 | PDF
N. Charness, R. Best, D. Souders
Ageing, health and technology in the developed and developing world 212 | PDF
C. Dye
Smart health and wellbeing for the aging population 213 | PDF
M. Pavel
From the margins to the mainstream: Integration at the nexus of aging, technology, and disability 214 | PDF
E.M. Zelinski

Health - Comfort - Self-Esteem: Symposia

An overview of frailty and new technologies (IAGG symposium) 215 | PDF
A. Benetos
Frailty: A major challenge for the management of aging people 215 | PDF
A. Benetos
Frailty and new technologies 216 | PDF
A. Piau, P. Rumeau, F. Nourhashémi
Frailty: A biological syndrome, contribution of new technologies 217 | PDF
C. Swine
Assistive technologies for the assessment of instrumental activities of daily living in pre demential Alzheimer’s disease 218 | PDF
G. Sacco, V. Joumier, A. Derreumaux, J.H. Lee, J. Piano, N. Bordone, A. Konig, B. Teboul, E. Mulin, R. David, O. Guerin, F. Bremond, P. Robert
Cognitive training panel 219 | PDF
N. Charness
Video game interventions to address cognitive aging 219-220 | PDF
W.R. Boot, M. Champion, D.P. Blakely, T. Wright, D.J. Souders, N. Charness
Effectiveness of task switching training in adulthood 220 | PDF
J. Kray
Potential benefits and risks of computers for older adults: A randomized controlled intervention study 221 | PDF
K. Slegers, M.P.J. van Boxtel
Improving performance on cognitive tasks: A meta-analysis 221-222 | PDF
E. Zelinski
The ageing society: Health related research & education at Eindhoven University of Technology 223 | PDF
R.M.M. Fonville
Light conditions in the nursing home 223-224 | PDF
M.M. Sinoo, J. van Hoof, H.S.M. Kort
Opportunities for providing sustainability and care in existing homes through smart solutions 224-225 | PDF
M.M.T. Dominicus, M. Mohammadi
Tele-operated service robots for household and care 225-226 | PDF
M.P.W.J. van Osch, D. Bera, Y. Koks, K.M. van Hee
Development of a smart arm support for daily-life activities and entertainment 226-227 | PDF
B. van Ninhuijs, T.E. Motoasca, D.J. van der Pijl, P. Verstegen, E.A. Lomonova
Developing new assistive technologies for older adults 228 | PDF
M. Gövercin
Feedback-mediated Orthopedic Training efficiency (FORT): A randomized controlled trial 229 | PDF
M. Gövercin, A. Ratzinger, E. Steinhagen-Thiessen
An automated training system for home-based rehabilitation of the elderly 229-230 | PDF
J. Kiselev, M. Gövercin, M. John, B. Hennig, M. Haesner, E. Steinhagen-Thiessen
Identification of sensor-based parameters that predict falls of older people 230-231 | PDF
Y. Költzsch, M. Gövercin, J. Spehr, M. Gietzelt, M. Marschollek
Determination of mobility and risk of falls in old age: Automated ‘Up & Go’ assessment 231-232 | PDF
S. Wegel, J. Kiselev, M. Gövercin, T. Frenken
Health-services research in gerontechnology 233 | PDF
M. Hawley
Evaluation of technology for use by health services for aging populations or those with long term conditions 234 | PDF
G. Mountain, N. Nasr, K. Easton, C. Bentley
A realist evaluation of a self-management technology 235 | PDF
N. Nasr, S. Mawson, G. Mountain
The use of systematic review methods to strength the evidence base of telehealth complex interventions 236 | PDF
K. Easton
Chicken and egg: Use of pragmatic rct in tele-healthcare 237 | PDF
C.L. Bentley, G.A. Mountain
From acceptance by end-users to added value for all stakeholders 238 | PDF
Y. Schikhof
Videophones in two different home settings to support social interaction and community participation and to improve care 238-239 | PDF
M. Goumans, M. Bussmann, S. Hupkens, J. Mulder, Y. Schikhof, Y. Schikhof
Positive valuing of a monitoring system in dementia care 239-240 | PDF
Y. Schikhof, A.L. Cordia
Supporting relationships between people with dementia and caregivers with touchscreen technology 240 | PDF
A.J. Astell, M. Ellis, N. Alm, R. Dye, G. Gowans
In touch: Touch screen applications for people with dementia 240-241 | PDF
Y. Schikhof, J. de Lange, M. Goumans

Health - Comfort - Self-Esteem: Other Presenations

Reducing shoulder injuries among construction workers 242 | PDF
A. Alwasel, K. Elrayes, E. Abdel-Rahman, C. Haas
Validating NANA: Novel assessment of nutrition and ageing 243 | PDF
A.J. Astell, T.D. Adlam, F. Hwang, H. Khadra, L. MacLean, T. Smith, C. Timon, E.A. Williams
Medical service and job stress on Taiwan correctional officers 244 | PDF
C.K. Chen, S.W. Cheng, H.M. Hua
Content analysis on research on depression in older people in Taiwan 245 | PDF
S.W. Cheng, K.H. Hung, H.M. Hua, Z.C. Lin, S.Y. Cheng, Y.J. Chuang
Person-centered dementia care revised from the standpoint of assistive technology 246 | PDF
T. Fujinami, T. Sugihara
Technology in the face of cognitive decline: Issues centred in cognitive ageing and interaction with complex devices 247 | PDF
A. Glasgow, P.G. Higgins
A novel assistive technology for women who use continence pads: Smart underwear 248 | PDF
E. van den Heuvel, F. Jowitt, A. Long, B. Fernandes, P. Gaydecki
Acoustic measurements of speech intelligibility in common rooms of care facilities 249 | PDF
N.H.A.M. van Hout
Effectiveness and economic viability of a telehealth and telecare system in Taiwan 250 | PDF
C.R. Huang, H.L. Hsieh, B.K. Chuang, T.S. Sheu, J.Y. Chang, Y.Y. Huang
Design guidelines for remote health coaching of older adults 251 | PDF
H.B. Jimison, D.E. Young, J. Marcoe, N. Bahr
Personalized assistive technology for seniors with dementia 252 | PDF
C. Kerssens, J. Zamer
Use of an ultrasonic urine sensor (Yuririn USH-059) in sitting posture 253 | PDF
H. Kodama, H. Yoshimura, Y. Nagata, J. Yu, K. Huang
House of Tomorrow Today (HoTT) 254 | PDF
J.J.N. Lichtenberg
An integrated motion sensing mattress for elderly living assistance applications 255 | PDF
Y.W. Liu, K.Y. Wu, Y.L. Hsu
User evaluation of ADLife technology to improve wellbeing and to save cost for people with dementia 256 | PDF
N. Nijhof, J.E.W.C. van Gemert-Pijnen, A. Sixsmith, E.R. Seydel
The relationship between independence, well-being and the use of Internet among elderly in the UK 257 | PDF
M. Ortega, C. Gamero
Starting young: Improving the indoor environment in primary schools 258 | PDF
C.E.E. Pernot, M.M.F. Verhees, R. Bongenaar, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Assessing assistive technology outcomes with dementia 259 | PDF
C.B. Peterson, N.R. Prasad
Capturing in-home gait parameters using vision-based sensing 260 | PDF
E. Stone, M. Skubic
The service experience engineering study of telehealth care service system for elderly 261 | PDF
P-C. Tuan
Actigraphy for assessment of elbow articular amplitude for articular assessment in gerontology 262 | PDF
J.M. Turpin, C. Cridelich, B. Teboul, L. Boscher, A. Marteu, A. Pfister, O. Guerin, P. Robert
Validity of a modified bathroom scale measuring balance 263 | PDF
J. Vermeulen, J.C.L. Neyens, M.D. Spreeuwenberg, E. van Rossum, D.J. Hewson, L.P. de Witte
The internet’s potential for enhancing healthcare (Review) 264 | PDF
P. Wright
When older adults start and stop to use technologies: Long term study on technology usage, computer attitudes and cognitive abilities of Japanese older adults 265 | PDF
J. Zhang, H. Umemuro

Housing - Building - Daily living: Symposia

Alzheimer’s disease wandering behaviour: Gerontechnology and ethics in three French Speaking countries 266 | PDF
G. Cornet
Alzheimer’s patient activity assessment using different sensors 266-267 | PDF
C.F. Crispim-Junior, V. Joumier, Y-L. Hsu, M-C. Pai, P-C. Chung, A. Dechamps, P. Robert, F. Bremond
French studies on dementia, ethics and geolocation 267-268 | PDF
V. Rialle, C. Ollivet, C. Brissonneau, J. Sablier
Gerontechnology issues for home support services in Switzerland facing the challenges raised by Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders 268-269 | PDF
L.C. Corrado
Gerontechnology and cognitive disorders in Belgium 269-270 | PDF
J. Petermans, G. Gillain, C. Lejeune
Empowerment for wellbeing @ TU/e 271 | PDF
C.C.M. Hummels
The sensitive residence: Predicting health changes using sensor networks 272 | PDF
W.D. Kearns, J.L. Fozard
Something in the way she moves: Falls and fractal dimension 272-273 | PDF
W.D. Kearns, J.L. Fozard, M. Becker, C. Dion, J. Craighead, J.M. Jasiewicz
Using density map visualization for early detection and management of dementia and depression 273-274 | PDF
C. Galambos, M. Skubic, S. Wang, M. Rantz
Sensor integrated recreational technologies to monitor elderly 274-275 | PDF
S. Sundarrao, D. Dekker
The human activity project: What behavioural markers teach us about important health changes? 275 | PDF
T. Hayes, J.A. Kaye, M. Pavel, H. Jimison
Old Alice in wonderland: Environment steering behaviour 276 | PDF
J.J. van der Plaats
Dementia: A progressive disease making the brain progressively dependent on environmental stimuli 276-277 | PDF
J.J. van der Plaats
A well designed home for 'Old Alice'; The physical environment as storyteller for persons with dementia 277-278 | PDF
S.J.M.M. de Koning
The right stimuli, on the right time, on the right spot can make old Alice feel happy 278-279 | PDF
S.J.M.M. de Koning
Seducing old Alice to walk and bike 279-280 | PDF
E.J.A. Scherder, J.J. van der Plaats
Implementation of technology in elderly care (NVG symposium) 281 | PDF
L. de Witte, G.J. Gelderblom
E-mental health: An RCT of a life review intervention with email counselling 281-282 | PDF
G.J. Westerhof, S.M.A. Lamers, J. Korte, E.T. Bohlmeijer
DiFiets: Cycling in a virtual familiar environment 282 | PDF
J.C.L. Neyens, E. van Rossum
The introduction of video-communication in community-dwelling eldely 283 | PDF
M.D. Spreeuwenberg, C.G. Willems, L. van der Heide, Y.P. Man
Social robot interventions in psycho-geriatric care 284 | PDF
G.J. Gelderblom, R. Bemelmans, P. Jonker, L.P. de Witte
The role of the construction industry and the built environment in an aging society 285 | PDF
A. Zarli, J-C. Vanderhaegen
From PowerPoint presentations to real life: How to make telehomecare and design for all work 285-286 | PDF
J.C. Vanderhaegen
Facilitating the adaptability of buildings through the separation of components 286-287 | PDF
S. Isaac, F. Sadeghpour
The meaning of physical environmental factors on patient, family, carers and staff outcomes 287-288 | PDF
E.R.M.C. Huisman, E. Morales, J. van Hoof, H.S.M. Kort
Duplicating the nursing home service model to extend the life of elderly at home with ICT support 288 | PDF
A. Anfosso

Housing - Building - Daily living: Other Presentations

RITA: An ambient assisted living approach to study, design and implement socio-medical services for ageing well 289 | PDF
F. Cavallo, M. Aquilano, R. Esposito, E. Rovini, M. Filippi, D. Esposito, P. Dario, M.C. Carrozza
Prediction of project cash flow using time-depended evolutionary LS-SVM inference model 290 | PDF
M-Y. Cheng, N-D. Hoang, Y-W. Wu
An ergonomic survey of shoppers 291 | PDF
S. Farivar, H.S. Naeini
Industry perceptions of the utilization of identification technologies durung the life-cycle of capital projects 292 | PDF
D. Grau, W. Duke
The effectiveness of day care service for dementia patients 293 | PDF
S.H. Hsueh, C.S. Lin
Sonification system for aging Taiwanese people 294 | PDF
C.F. Huang, E.J. Lin
Application of queuing theory in construction industry 295 | PDF
Č. Jarský, V. Usmanov
ICT-uptake in older peoples’ home environments 296 | PDF
L. Jennings, K. Hadjri, G. Abdelmonem
The challenge of designing for diversity in older users 297 | PDF
C.S.C. Lim, D.M. Frohlich, A. Ahmed
Context aware automated prompting for dressing: Concept feasibility 298 | PDF
D.F. Mahoney, W. Burleson, E. Mahoney
Teletalker: An online window to connect older adults 299 | PDF
M. Markowski
Design for a low cost brain-computer interface for environmental and home control 300 | PDF
N. Mora, V. Bianchi, I. De Munari, P. Ciampolini
Evidence-based design proposal of a single-patient room in a healthcare facility 301 | PDF
E. Morales, E.R.C.M. Huisman, H.S.M. Kort
Monitoring system for day-to-day activities of older persons living at home alone 302 | PDF
P. Panek, P. Mayer
Analysis of the Nintendo Wii in rehabilitation 303 | PDF
M. Ribeiro Marques, C. Silva Santana
Laser positioning system using RFID-tags 304 | PDF
S. Sakamoto, N. Kano, T. Igarashi, H. Tomita
Finding the older user in home-based computing studies 305 | PDF
K. Shankar, L. Huber, L.J. Camp, K. Caine, K. Connelly
Information technology supporting daily activities of seniors 306 | PDF
D. Šimšík, A. Galajdová, D. Siman, M. Andrášová, R. Balog
Theoretical perspectives on surveillance technologies for older people 307 | PDF
A. Sixsmith
Brazilians devices for daily activities developed for elderly 308 | PDF
M. Soares Bernardes, M. Ribeiro Marques, T. Marquine Raymundo, C. Silva Santana
The desirable scale: Weighing social quality of assisted living facilities 309 | PDF
T.G.M. Spierings, D.J.M. van der Voordt, M. van Biene
Speech-based interaction in an AAL-context 310 | PDF
M. Vacher, F. Portet, S. Rossato, F. Aman, C. Golanski, R. Dugheanu
Designing housing for people with dementia using an integrated ethical model 311 | PDF
M.J. Verkerk, J. van Hoof, P.G.S. Rutten
Aging-in-place: A challenge towards sustainable planning in the Dutch housing market 312 | PDF
A.A.M. van Vliet
Testing 15 Aging-in-Place services in 19 trial homes 313 | PDF
D. Wåge, G.E. Crawford, T. Thorbjørnsen

Information technology: Keynote

Data acquisition, monitoring and control for hybrid solar air-conditioners 314 | PDF
Q. Ha

Information technology: Other Presenations

Image based retrieval of concrete crack properties 315 | PDF
R.S. Adhikari, O. Moselhi, A. Bagchi
Dynamic planning of earthmoving projects using system dynamics 316 | PDF
H. Alzraiee, O. Moselhi, T. Zayed
Challenges of identifying steel sections for the generation of as-is BIMs from laser scan data 317 | PDF
E.B. Anil, R. Sunnam, B. Akinci
Bid decision making with prospect game theory 318 | PDF
M-Y. Cheng, C-C. Hsiang
Integrated information technology for nuclear power plant lifecycle management 319 | PDF
C-Y. Cho, H. Park, K. Chin, J. Han, W. Lee, D. Ryu
Data mining and statistical analysis of construction equipment failure 320 | PDF
H.Q. Fan
Automation of generative design exploration for domain integration in architecture 321 | PDF
D.J. Gerber, S-H.E. Lin
Suction force of blowing fan on various surface shapes of outer wall 322 | PDF
Y-B. Ham, B-J. Lim, J-H. Noh, J-H. Park
Integrating optimization and data mining techniques for high-speed train timetable design considering disturbances 323 | PDF
T-W. Ho, T-C. Chen, C-C. Chou
Is color an intrinsic property of construction object's representation? 324 | PDF
N. Hwang, H. Son, C-W. Kim, C-W. Kim
Combining automatically and manually collected data for project monitoring and control 325 | PDF
S. Isaac, R. Navon
Extended range guidance system for micro-tunnelling machine 326 | PDF
A. Jardon, S. Martinez, J.G. Victores, M. Marti, C. Balaguer
Code compliance checking by using derived objects 327 | PDF
E.J. Jin, J.H. Garrett, B. Akinci
Cost effective sensors for automated progress measurement and management 328 | PDF
Y. Jung, J. Ha, T. Ju, S. Kang
Expert system application for telehealthcare practice 329 | PDF
H.J. Lin, M.S. Hsu, C.M. Cheng, Y.L. Hsu
Indirect wellness monitoring through AAL environments 330 | PDF
A. Losardo, G. Matrella, F. Grossi, I. De Munari, P. Ciampolini
On telecom standards and gerontechnology 331 | PDF
F.L. van Nes
Information strategy planning for long term informatization in construction 332 | PDF
B.Y. Ryoo, J. Kang
Automated construction activity assessment using workflow-based data fusion 333 | PDF
A. Shahi, C.T. Haas, J.S. West
Decision support system for clinics performance and maintenance management 334 | PDF
I.M. Shohet
Automated earned-value tracking 335 | PDF
Y. Turkan, F. Bosché, C.T. Haas, R. Haas
New sampling scheme for neural network-based metamodelling with application to air pollutant estimation 336 | PDF
H. Wahid, Q.P. Ha, H. Duc
Evaluation of various visualization forms for facility operation and maintenance 337 | PDF
X. Yang, S. Ergan

Mobility - Transport - Travel: Other Presentations

Integrated approach for older adult friendly home staircase design 338 | PDF
M. Afifi, B. Parke, M. Al-Hussein
Mobility supports for older adults in Brazil 339 | PDF
F.R. Defantie Souza, M. Ribeiro Marques, C. Silva Santana
Development of an intelligent robotic wheelchair 340 | PDF
P-E. Hsu, C. Geiser, K-W. Chang, J-M. Lu, Y-L. Hsu
Efficacy of different insole designs on fall prevention of the elderly 341 | PDF
Y-T. Liu, K-T. Liu, S-W. Yang
Gait rehabilitation with a robotic dog 342 | PDF
M. Naganuma, E. Okhubo, R. Kimura, M. Watanabe, N. Kato
Understanding fall events in long term care using fuzzy cognitive map 343 | PDF
V.K. Mago, R. Woolrych, A. Sixsmith
A smart floor helps to prevent falls and allocates staff time 344 | PDF
R. Oksanen, L. Pohjola, H. Finne-Soveri
A generic method for the assessment of smart walkers 345 | PDF
P Rumeau, V. Pasqui, N. Vigourou
The mechatronic shoe: A new rehabilitation tool for improving mobility 346 | PDF
D. Šimšík, A. Galajdova, M. Gorlicky, B. Jobbagy, R. Balog
The effect of fall prevention and management technologies 347 | PDF
E.A. Tchalla, V. Rialle, F. Lachal, N. Cardinaud, I. Saulnier, A. Roquejoffre, P-M. Preux, T. Dantoine
Geronto-design of skirting boards 348 | PDF
V.M.S. Fernandes, J.P. Marujo, T.S. Tupholme
Cognitive resource loss and out-of-home behavior 349 | PDF
M. Wettstein, H-W. Wahl, N. Shoval, F. Oswald
An indoor way-finding solution for elderly people 350 | PDF
Z. Yang, B. Becerik-Gerber
Tactile personal navigation belt 351 | PDF
J.S. Zelek

Robotics: Keynote

Robots at home 352 | PDF
T. Arai

Robotics: Symposium

A socially assistive robot for persons with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 353 | PDF
M. Simonov
Human robot interactions in care applications 353-354 | PDF
R.H. Cuijpers, J.F. Juola, D. van der Pol, E. Torta
Robots in AAL: An industrial perspective 354-355 | PDF
D.J.C. Lowet
Capturing and triggering relevant COPD events and trends by ubiquitous monitoring 355-356 | PDF
M. Simonov, A. Frisiello, M. Bazzani
Robot navigation for assisted living 356 | PDF
W. Yan

Robotics: Other Presentations

An assistive humanoid robot for elderly care 357 | PDF
I. Bäck, J. Kallio, S. Perälä, K. Mäkelä
CompanionAble: An integrated cognitive-assistive smart home and companion robot for proactive lifestyle support 358 | PDF
A. Badii, C. Huijnen, H. van den Heuvel, D. Thiemert, H.H. Nap
Flowing Matter: Robotic fabrication of complex ceramic systems 359 | PDF
M. Bechthold, S. Andreani, J.L. Garcia del Castillo, A. Jyoti, N. King
Robotic tile placement: Tools, techniques, and feasibility 360 | PDF
M. Bechthold, A. Kane, J. King, P. Michalatos
Functionality of service robotics for Aging-in-Place: What to build? 361 | PDF
S. Bedaf, G.J. Gelderblom, F. Guichet, I. Iacono, D. Syrdal, K. Dautenhahn, H. Michel, P. Marti, F. Amirabdolahian, L. de Witte
Towards robotic assisted hygienic services: Concept for assisting and automating daily activities in the bathroom 362 | PDF
T. Bock, C. Georgoulas, T. Linner
Co-adaptation of assistive mobility devices and residential functions 363 | PDF
T. Bock, T. Linner, C. Georgoulas
Robot-era project: The vision of 3D service robotics 364 | PDF
F. Cavallo, M. Aquilano, M.C. Carrozza, P. Dario
Pneumatic excavation for lunar ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utililization) 365 | PDF
B.C. Chang, J.H. Lee, D.C. Choi, M.Y. Lee, T.S. Lee
Telepresence robot: Care delivery in different forms 366 | PDF
Y-S. Chen, J-A. Wang, K-W. Chang, Y-J. Lin, M-C. Hsieh, Y-S. Li, J. Sebastian, C-H. Chang, Y-L. Hsu
Modeling of a mobile manipulator for redundancy resolution 367 | PDF
B. Chu
A new generation of collaborative robots for material handling 368 | PDF
E. Gambao, M. Hernando, D. Surdilovic
A novel MiniOn agent assisted robotic kitchen platform 369 | PDF
C. Georgoulas, T. Linner, T. Bock
Vision controlled robotic furniture system 370 | PDF
C. Georgoulas, T. Linner, T. Bock
An easy handling system for installing heavy glass using human robot cooperation 371 | PDF
M.S. Gil, S.H. Kim, H.G. Kim, M.S. Kang, C.S. Han
User experience guiding the development of a new robotic motion controlled arm support 372 | PDF
L.A. van der Heide, G.J. Gelderblom, D. van der Pijl, L.P. de Witte
Mobiserv: A service robot and intelligent home environment for the Provision of health, nutrition and safety services to older adults 373 | PDF
H. van den Heuvel, C. Huijnen, P. Caleb-Solly, H.H. Nap, M. Nani, E. Lucet
Development of cleaning system installed in horizontal moving system for maintenance of high-rise building 374 | PDF
J. Huh, S. Moon, S. Kim, D. Hong
Preferred services of assistive robots for elderly: Results of user studies within the Florence project 375 | PDF
M. Isken, N. Volkening, D. Lowet, F. van Heesch, D. van de Wouw, M. Brell, A. Hein
Experimental evaluation of assistive robots in virtual domestic scenarios 376 | PDF
A. Jardon, J.G. Victores, M. Stoelen, S. Martinez, C. Balaguer
Maintenance robot for wind power blade cleaning 377 | PDF
M. Jeon, B.G. Kim, D. Hong
Could a vacuum robot rescue your elderly relative? 378 | PDF
J. Kantorovitch, A. Laikari, V. Pehkonen, J. Väre
Height estimation of gondola-typed facade robot 379 | PDF
D.Y. Kim, H. Sun, C-W. Park
Advanced building engineering: Deploying mechatronics and robotics in architecture 380 | PDF
T. Linner, C. Georgoulas, T. Bock
A Multi-Robotic Assistant System (MRAS): A development approach with application to the ageing society 381 | PDF
T. Linner, C. Georgoulas, T. Bock
Real-life evaluation of a socially assitive robot 382 | PDF
F. Werner, J. Oberzaucher, K. Werner
Assessing design features of a graphical user interface for a social assistive robot for older adults with cognitive impairment 383 | PDF
M. Pino, C. Granata, G. Legouverneur, M, Boulay, A-S. Rigaud
Tunnel boring machine positioning automation in tunnel construction 384 | PDF
X. Shen, M. Lu, S. Fernando, S.M. AbouRizk
Perception of affects from non-facial expressions of the robot Nabaztag 385 | PDF
Y-H. Wu, V. Cristiancho-Lacroix, E. Gabillet, J. Le Maître, M. Chetouani, C. Jost, B. Le Pévédic, D. Duhaut, A. Rigaud
Choice of electromagnetic actuators for assistive robots 386 | PDF
R. Zanis, T.E. Motoasca, E.A. Lomonova

Work - Leisure - Volunteering: Keynote

Digital games and the seniors of tomorrow 387 | PDF
W.A. IJsselsteijn

Work - Leisure - Volunteering: Symposia

Happy aging 388 | PDF
H. Mollenkopf
Designing the User Experience – methods for building an ambient intelligent future 388-389 | PDF
P. Klein
Designing tangible social media solutions for older adults 389-390 | PDF
M.M. Bekker, Y. Lu, S.E. Baha, R. van de Berg, J. Siekmans
HAPPY AGEING: Perspectives and needs of older people towards technology 390-391 | PDF
F. Marcellini
Older persons' needs and expectations regarding new technologies 391 | PDF
H. Mollenkopf
ICT's for informal care givers 392 | PDF
J. Stewart
A theoretical framework for assessing the impact of ICT-based interventions for carers 393 | PDF
F. Barbabella, A. Schmidt, C. Chiatti, G. Lamura
A supporting website for Chinese dementia caregivers 393-394 | PDF
S.E. Levkoff, H. Chen, X. Lu, L. Xing
Home health care professionals’ perceptions on automatic monitoring 394-395 | PDF
S.T.M. Peek, E.J.M. Wouters
ICT-enabled services for carers and care: Lessons for policy and innovation 395 | PDF
J. Stewart, C. Centeno

Work - Leisure - Volunteering: Other Presentations

Working with older adults to develop NANA: Novel assessment of nutrition and ageing 396 | PDF
A.J. Astell, L. Brown, F. Hwang, T.D. Adlam, L. MacLea, S. Forster, C. Timon, E.A. Williams
Optimized acceleration of repetitive construction projects 397 | PDF
I. Bakry, O. Moselhi
Use of ICTs in leisure by older adults: Intensive semi-structured interview case studies 398 | PDF
J.L.H. Birkland
Is Wii for Me? 399 | PDF
J.A. Brown, T. Davis, J. Singh, D. Dunn, B. de Schutter
Development of management system and sensor for improving fresh concrete quallity control 400 | PDF
S. Chae, T. Oyamoto, T. Yoshida
Lifting load calculation method of computing simulation for super-tall building construction 401 | PDF
C. Cho, Y. Shin, J. Park, Y. Lee, M. Cho
Virtual reality for persons with dementia: An exergaming experience 402 | PDF
M. Colombo, E. Marelli, R. Vaccaro, E. Valle, S. Colombaril, S. Garolfi, S. Fossi, A. Guaita, E. Polesel
Multi-touch table helps filling a pillbox and communicating 403 | PDF
G. Corte-Franco, F. Pérréal, M. Albinet, F. Couturier
Effectiveness of a portable care recording system in improving caregivers’ awareness 404 | PDF
R. Fukuda, K. Kumasaka, M. Kudo, Y. Ono, H. Matsubara, A. Shinjo
Describing collaborative working during meetings in construction 405 | PDF
F.J.M. van Gassel, G.J. Maas
Estimation of job-site work progress through on-site monitoring 406 | PDF
A. Giretti, A. Carbonari, G. Novembri, F. Robuffo
Engaging isolated seniors and reducing caregiver burden 407 | PDF
C.E. Grammer, W.T. D'Silva, C. Gardner, L. Canlas
Use of smart home automation and implementation in care organisations 408 | PDF
E.R.C.M. Huisman, C.A.M. Huisman, H.S.M. Kort
Development of the music game for retaining cognitive and motor functions 409 | PDF
S. Ishihara, K. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi
Knowledge translation for in-home continence promotion techniques 410 | PDF
L.S. Jansen, C. McWilliam, D. Forbes, C. Forchuk
Site layout optimization for caisson structure prefabrication 411 | PDF
C. Kim, H. Kim, T. Park
Emotional robotics in promoting wellbeing in nursing care homes 412 | PDF
B. Klein
Developing the ‘mStick’ concept: Experiences and impacts 413 | PDF
P. Kuosmanen, S. Pekkarinen, K. Kempas, H. Melkas, R. Valve, A. Karisto
Estimation with applications to dynamic status of an excavator without renovation 414 | PDF
S.H. Lee, M.S. Kang, D.S. Shin, C.S. Han
Introducing and applying a modified AHP (Analysis Hierarchy Process) to analyse productivity at the construction site 415 | PDF
S.S. Lee, G.Y. Lee, M.N. Lee, S.W. Kwon, J.H. Shin
An object library approach for managing construction safety components based on BIM 416 | PDF
J. Li, Z. Hua
Health care and technology: The view of the care professional 417 | PDF
M.E. Nieboer, E.J.M. Wouters
Positioning of human resources in a construction environment using Zigbee 418 | PDF
M. Raj, K. Varghese
Music player for dementia care homes 419 | PDF
I. Schmid, B. Marks, A.J. Sixsmith, K. Jung, S. Baines, J. Carson
A qualitative inquiry into the meaning of digital games for an older audience in Flanders 420 | PDF
B. de Schutter
An optimized operation algorithm for twin or multi-cage lift systems for high-rise construction sites 421 | PDF
J-H. Shin, S-W. Kwon, M-N. Lee, D-Y. Moon
Dedicated public broadcasting for 50+ adults 422 | PDF
J. Slagter
Development of a mobile phone application for daily physical activity motivation in COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) 423 | PDF
S.N.W. Vorrink
An integrated automatic wall concreting system 424 | PDF
A. Więckowski
Time limitations in automatic wall concreting and investment outlays 425 | PDF
A. Więckowski, D. Górska
Static compensation ZMP algorithm preventing tips-over of a tele-operation excavator 426 | PDF
B-H. Yu, K-Y. Park, K-D. Lee, C-S. Han

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