Vol 11, No 4

Editor: Johanna E.M.H. van Bronswijk PhD EurProBiol

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Accommodating older people at work 489-492 | PDF
H. Bouma

Original Research

Technology generations revisited: The internet generation 493-503 | PDF
R. Sackmann, O. Winkler
Factors associated with openness to research participation in an aging community: The importance of technophilia and social cohesion 504-512 | PDF
J.R. Steinerman, R.B. Lipton, B.D. Rapkin, B.R. Quaranto, C.E. Schwartz
Development of a pressure-ulcer-preventing mattress based on ergonomics and Kansei engineering 513-520 | PDF
M. Nagamachi, S. Ishihara, M. Nakamura, K. Morishima
Assistive technologies: Their development from a technology assessment perspective 521-533 | PDF
U. Bechtold, M. Sotoudeh
Automated activity-aware prompting for activity initiation 534-544 | PDF
L.B. Holder, D.J. Cook


AAL summit 2012: The Basque country declaration 545-547 | PDF
O. Rivera, F. Sancho, M. Sánchez, A. McCormick, A. van Berlo, Á Barrios, J. Benito, J. Yanguas, I San Sebastián
The Basque country declaration: Gerontechnology comments 547-550 | PDF
A.A. Franco, J.L. Fozard, D.G. Bouwhuis, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk, N. Charness, M. Colombo, Y-L. Hsu, C.C.M. Hummels, W.D. Kearns, H.S.M. Kort, D.F. Mahoney, D. Spierings, A. Tinker, H-W. Wahl, P. Wright


Sinophone chapter launches new journal 550 | PDF
Y-L. Hsu
LinkedIn Gerontechnology 550 | PDF
L.R. Normie

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