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Vol 13, No 2 Awareness and attitudes of geriatric patients towards telemedicine in India Abstract   PDF
S.K. Meher, S. Kant
Vol 13, No 2 AZ@GAME: Alzheimer and associated pathologies game for autonomy maintenance evaluation Abstract   PDF
G. Sacco, G.B. Sadoun, J. Piano, P. Foulon, P. Robert
Vol 7, No 2 ‘De Klessebessers’: A leisure game for dementia Details   PDF
H. van Rijn, J. van Hoof, P.J. Stappers
Vol 9, No 2 ‘Life’ as a basis for holistic ICT design Details   PDF
J. Leikas, P. Saariluoma
Vol 9, No 2 ‘Serious’ online gaming environments to enhance brain fitness in senior citizens Details   PDF
R.M. Baecker, N. Shim, K. Tonon, V. Pandeliev, J. Birnholtz, Y. Stern, J.R. Steinerman, K. Moffatt
Vol 9, No 2 ‘The Chitchatters’: A leisure activity for people with dementia to stimulate social interaction Details   PDF
N. Nijhof, J.E.W.C. van Gemert-Pijnen, H. van Rijn, J. van Hoof, E. Seydel
Vol 4, No 3 ‘Woonkeur’, a Dutch label for life-span-sustainable living Details   PDF
W.C.M. Englebert
Vol 7, No 3 ‘Worth’ and mental contents in designing for ageing citizens’ form of life Abstract   PDF
J Leikas, P. Saariluoma
Vol 13, No 2 Baby boomers’ personal mobility needs in Taiwan Abstract   PDF
L-C. Chuang, H-J. Yeh, W. Ling
Vol 1, No 2 Baby dolls as therapeutic tools for severe dementia patients Abstract   PDF
T. Tamura, K. Nakajima, M. Nambu, K. Nakamura, S. Yonemitsu, A. Itoh, Y. Higashi, T. Fujimoto, H. Uno
Vol 6, No 2 Baroque trio sonatas (reaction) Details   PDF
H. Wiertsema
Vol 9, No 2 Barriers and facilitators to the adoption of fall injury prevention technology in long-term care Details   PDF
J. Sims-Gould, V. Scott, H. McKay
Vol 11, No 2 Barriers and success factors in implementing advanced technologies to benefit the elderly: A perspective from Israel Details   PDF
J. Lemberger, D. Idar
Vol 2, No 1 Barriers encountered in an e-mail tutorial program for computer-illiterate seniors aged 71-96 years Details   PDF
M. Marx, A. Libin, K. Renaudat, J. Cohen-Mansfield
Vol 13, No 2 Basic study on detecting the intention of the person requiring meal care using NIRS-apparatus Abstract   PDF
H. Ishihara, H. Inoue, S. Shimizu
Vol 13, No 2 Bayesian-based detection of mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer's disease: Discrimination performance using cerebral blood flow activation during daily conversation Abstract   PDF
S. Kato, H. Endo, R. Nagata, T. Sakuma, R. Watanabe
Vol 8, No 1 Bechor Zvi Aminoff 2007. Measurement of suffering in end-stage Alzheimer’s disease Details   PDF
J. van Hoof
Vol 15, Supplement Behavior analysis with privacy protectied video for a care center Abstract   PDF
P.C. Chung, W.H. Wang, W.K. Hung
Vol 13, No 2 Behavioral analysis of the active aging groups’ ecotourism travel experience Abstract   PDF
Y-F. Ho, L-S. Lu
Vol 9, No 2 Behavioural prototyping: A method for aligning technological capacity with behavioural function for the over 65’s Details   PDF
S. Benton, B. Altemeyer, B. Manning
Vol 13, No 2 Benchmark study for technological options available for older adults to reduce family and caregiver burden Abstract   PDF
M. Afifi, M. Al-Hussein
Vol 8, No 3 Benefit of home monitoring technology for the ageing population Details   PDF
A. Anfosso, M. Bourdeau
Vol 3, No 4 Benefits of e-prescription in elderly care Details   PDF
T. Lindeman, J. Maijala
Vol 9, No 2 Benefits of using ICT in supporting elderly informal carers in the Municipality of Västerås Details   PDF
M. Rundkvist, M. Gill
Vol 1, No 3 Best practice in Europe Details   PDF
T. Bougie
Vol 11, No 2 Beyond Silos: Making integrated eCare a viable reality Details   PDF
I. Meyer, S. Müller, L. Kubitschke
Vol 3, No 1 Bicycle transport for elderly Details   PDF
A.R. Wouda, C.H. Doevendans
Vol 11, No 2 Bid decision making with prospect game theory Details   PDF
M-Y. Cheng, C-C. Hsiang
Vol 15, Supplement Big data and teleconsultations for homebound seniors Abstract   PDF
M.M. Bernard, E. Dresco, T. El Gharbi, O. Gallon, K.G. Quechini, L. Turner
Vol 11, No 2 BIM functions for optimized construction management in civil engineering Details   PDF
H-S. Moon, H-S. Kim, L-S. Kang, C-H. Kim
Vol 11, No 2 BIM model-based Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) integration and coordination system Details   PDF
C-W. Feng, Y-J. Chen, K-W. Lee
Vol 11, No 2 BIM-vision-based indoor localization prototype Details   PDF
M-H. Tsai, Y-C. Hus, C-M Chiu, S-H. Chuang
Vol 9, No 2 Bioelectrical impedance vector distribution in hemodialysis patients with dehydration procedure Details   PDF
W.M. Chi, C. Pei, B.M. Ju, C.H. Chen, Y.F. Liou
Vol 2, No 1 Biomedical engineering and nursing: Introducing telehealth technology for tele-support of at-home stroke caregivers Details   PDF
B. Tran
Vol 5, No 2 Biorobotics for active longevity Details   PDF
S. Micera
Vol 4, No 1 Biorobotics for Longevity Abstract   PDF
P. Dario
Vol 11, No 2 BIPV prototype for the solar insolation calculation Details   PDF
M.K. Dixit, W. Yan
Vol 7, No 4 Birgit Jæger resigned Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 13, No 2 Blast from the past: Applying the P-III framework to facilitate intergenerational play between grandparents and grandchildren Abstract   PDF
V. vanden Abeele, B. de Schutter
Vol 10, No 3 Bo Xie PhD, new associate-editor Abstract   PDF
B. Xie
Vol 15, Supplement Bodies in-motion: An ethnography of remote monitoring of physical rehabilitation for the promotion of home-training in the Danish welfare state Abstract   PDF
N. Schwennesen
Vol 9, No 2 Body sway measurement during standing and walking for fall risk assessment using inexpensive webcam Details   PDF
F. Wang, M. Skubic
Vol 13, No 2 Brain, balance and walking Abstract   PDF
V. Novak
Vol 7, No 2 Brain mechanisms for locomotion and spatial memory during navigation. A multidis-ciplinary approach Details   PDF
A. Berthoz
Vol 7, No 2 Brain training softwares: is their efficacy real and influenced by age? A preliminary report Details   PDF
G. Cavallo, M. Tombini, G. Di Pino, G. Curcio, P.M. Rossini, E. Guglielmelli
Vol 15, No 2 Brazilian gerontechnology Abstract
C. da Silva Santana
Vol 11, No 2 Brazilians devices for daily activities developed for elderly Details   PDF
M. Soares Bernardes, M. Ribeiro Marques, T. Marquine Raymundo, C. Silva Santana
Vol 1, No 3 Breaking barriers award Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 7, No 2 Bridging the digital divide: the impact of computer training, internet, and email use on levels of cognition, depression, and social functioning in older adults Details   PDF
B. Hage
Vol 3, No 4 Bridging the old and the new: Empowering older citizens by ICT Details   PDF
B. Jaeger
Vol 2, No 1 Bringing technology into the nursing home: Barriers and opportunities Details   PDF
K. Curyto
Vol 4, No 3 BS 7000-6:2005 Design management systems – Part 6: Managing inclusive design, by British Standards; 2005 Details   PDF
L.R. Normie
Vol 13, No 2 Building a community-based cooperative e-learning platform for Taiwanese tribal elders Abstract   PDF
H-T. Wan, D-J. Tsai
Vol 11, No 2 Building Information Modeling for facilitiy management: A case study Details   PDF
V. Aspurez, B. Becerik-Gerber
Vol 11, No 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) and virtual construction Abstract   PDF
B. de Vries
Vol 9, No 2 Building research capacity through web collaboration: The BCNAR experience Details   PDF
G. Gutman, B. Symes
Vol 11, No 2 Business models in e-Health care Details   PDF
H. Roelfsema
Vol 7, No 2 Caalyx: evidence-based selection of health sensors for elderly telemonitoring Details   PDF
A. Rodríguez-Molinero, A. Català, M. Díaz, J. Rodríguez, E. Fernández de la Puente, A. Tabuenca, J.J. De la Cruz, L. Narvaiza, A. Yuste
Vol 1, No 1 Calendar of events Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 1, No 2 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 1, No 3 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 1, No 4 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 2, No 1 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 2, No 2 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 2, No 3 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 2, No 4 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 3, No 1 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 3, No 2 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 3, No 3 Calendar of Events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 4, No 1 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 4, No 2 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 4, No 3 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 4, No 4 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 5, No 1 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 5, No 2 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 5, No 3 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 5, No 4 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 6, No 1 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 6, No 2 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 6, No 3 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 6, No 4 Calendar of events Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 9, No 2 Can a mat sensor algorithm identify mobility challenges in older adults getting out of bed? Details   PDF
F. Knoefel, A. Arcelus, R. Goubran, M. Bilodeau, H. Sveistrup
Vol 15, Supplement Can activities of daily living be represented by the energy consumption? Abstract   PDF
D. Händler-Schuster, N. Zigan, P. Baumann, A. Heinzelmann, L. Imhof
Vol 4, No 2 Can e-learning be used as an effective training method for people over age 50? A pilot study Abstract   PDF
M. Stolz-Loike, R.W. Morrell, J.D. Loike
Vol 2, No 2 Can older adults use child resistant closures? Abstract   PDF
U.S.L. Nayak
Vol 1, No 4 Can Telematics Improve Mobility of the Elderly? Abstract   PDF
B. Färber
Vol 9, No 2 Canada-UK initiative on technology and dementia Details   PDF
T. Adlam, A. Mihailidis
Vol 9, No 2 CanAssist: a program that develops and provides technologies and services for people with special needs Details   PDF
N.J. Livingston
Vol 11, No 2 Capturing and triggering relevant COPD events and trends by ubiquitous monitoring Details   PDF
M. Simonov, A. Frisiello, M. Bazzani
Vol 11, No 2 Capturing in-home gait parameters using vision-based sensing Details   PDF
E. Stone, M. Skubic
Vol 9, No 2 Capturing the cause and circumstances of falls through wearable sensors Details   PDF
O. Aziz, J. Lee, S. Robinovitch, E.J. Park
Vol 13, No 2 Care delivery frame: A home telehealth system based on social networking Abstract   PDF
Y-C. Huang, Y-L. Hsu
Vol 15, Supplement Care estate as a social encounter Abstract   PDF
G.I. Curulli
Vol 7, No 2 Care: context awareness in residences for elderly Details   PDF
B. Kröse, T. van Kasteren, C. Gibson, T. van den Dool
Vol 9, No 2 Caregiver burden of family members of cognitively impaired old people: The relationship with elders’ quality of life and time-space behavior Details   PDF
G.K. Auslander, T. Gitlitz, S. Werner, R. Landau, N. Shoval, J. Heinik
Vol 2, No 1 Caregiving in place: The role of technology Details   PDF
L. Murdoch, J. Kinney, C. Kart, T. Ziemba
Vol 2, No 1, a new caregiving dotcom that provides a wide variety of information to family caregivers through a comprehensive Internet website Details   PDF
P. Juhn
Vol 15, Supplement Caring relationships online in later life Abstract   PDF
R. Beneito-Montagut, A. Begueria, N. Cassián
Vol 15, No 3 Caring TV® as a forerunner in developing eHealth and eWelfare services Abstract
K.E. Raij
Vol 15, No 2 Carla da Silva Santana PhD: New associate editor from Brazil Abstract
C. da Silva Santana
Vol 13, No 2 Case study of an interdisciplinary university- business collaboration to develop technology Abstract   PDF
C.M. Galambos, D. Domer, M. Scubic, M. Rantz
Vol 5, No 3 CAST goes for a wellness revolution Details   PDF
E. Dishman
Vol 15, No 1 Cees H. Doevendans, new associate editor for Urbanism Abstract
C.H. Doevendans
Vol 9, No 2 Celebrating the contributions of James Leonard Fozard, Grand Master of Gerontechnology, on his 80th birthday Details   PDF
A. Franco
Vol 13, No 2 Cell phone feature preferences among older adults: A paired comparison study Abstract   PDF
K. Chen, A.H.S. Chan, Q. Ma
Vol 6, No 2 Centro recherché e relazioni Cornaglia Details   PDF
D. Bracco
Vol 11, No 2 Challenges of identifying steel sections for the generation of as-is BIMs from laser scan data Details   PDF
E.B. Anil, R. Sunnam, B. Akinci
Vol 13, No 2 Challenges of implementing gerontechnology for personal health Abstract   PDF
A. Peine, L. Neven
Vol 13, No 2 Challenges to forging Intra-university and university/corporate collaborations in gerontechnology Abstract   PDF
S. Levkoff, J.L. Fozard
Vol 14, No 2 Challenges towards a Connected Community Healthcare Ecosystem (CCHE) for managing long-term conditions Abstract   PDF
N. Carroll, C. Kennedy, I. Richardson
Vol 11, No 2 Change and contract management modules of intelligent- program management information systems (i-PgMIS) for urban renewal projects Details   PDF
C.T. Hyun, Y.W. Cha, R.Z. Jin, M.J. Son
Vol 15, Supplement Changes in age-productivity over an ICT-based future work-space Abstract   PDF
T. Kallai, R. Grunder
Vol 9, No 2 Changing practices: Home and community based care technologies for independent living Details   PDF
E. Dishman
Vol 3, No 4 Changing the mindset of the design fraternity Details   PDF
N.W. Spanbroek
Vol 3, No 4 Character size and background color in automobile display: Designing automobile display for older adults Details   PDF
M. Moriwaka, A. Murata
Vol 7, No 2 Characterization of flow dynamics in intracranial cerebral aneurysm using in vitro modeling techniques Details   PDF
T. Yagi, Y. Qian, M. Hukushima, A. Kamado, A. Sato, K. Iwasaki, M. Umezu, H. Takao, Y. Murayamo
Vol 2, No 1 Characterization of work capabilities: A method for minimizing the risk of ergonomic injuries among older workers Details   PDF
S.N. Williams, J. Chestnut, L. Crumpton
Vol 12, No 4 Charity as a motivational factor for participation in user-driven innovation Abstract   PDF
P. Heikkilä, J. Leikas
Vol 13, No 2 Chasing the sinusoid: Extrinsic motivation and monitoring of friction loaded squat exercise training Abstract   PDF
H.W. van Dijk, B.O. Wartena, G. Wiersma, J. Botger
Vol 11, No 2 Chicken and egg: Use of pragmatic rct in tele-healthcare Details   PDF
C.L. Bentley, G.A. Mountain
Vol 2, No 3 China: Elderly face solitary future Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 11, No 2 Choice of electromagnetic actuators for assistive robots Details   PDF
R. Zanis, T.E. Motoasca, E.A. Lomonova
Vol 5, No 3 Choices for independence: An interactive learning community Details   PDF
L.E. Storck
Vol 9, No 2 CIHR Canada-UK New Dynamics of Ageing Research Initiative Details   PDF
P. Lansley
Vol 9, No 2 CIRCA: Technology to prompt reminiscing and conversation between residents in care homes and care staff Details   PDF
A. Astell, M.S. Parsons
Vol 15, Supplement Civic care corporations: A study into the bottom-up citizens’ initiatives for integrated care and housing in the Netherlands Abstract   PDF
M. Mohammadi, N. Moor, S. Turnhout
Vol 1, No 3 Classification of physical independence in older occupants with chronic lung disease at home - a pilot study Abstract   PDF
M.C.L. Snijders, L.G.H. Koren, H.S.M. de Kort
Vol 15, No 1 Claudia Oppenauer-Meerskraut, new associate editor for Health-Care Interventions Abstract
C. Oppenauer-Meerskraut
Vol 1, No 2 Clean indoor air increases physical independence. A pilot study Abstract   PDF
M.C.L. Snijders, L.G.H. Koren, H.S.M. de Kort, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 7, No 3 Clinical gerontechnology and its assessment Abstract   PDF
A. Franco, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk, A. Littler
Vol 7, No 2 Close to you: unobtrusive awareness communication to bring family living far apart closer Details   PDF
J. Yashikida, H. Umemuro
Vol 15, Supplement Cloud-based personalized home elderly care using a smart agent Abstract   PDF
S. Tokunaga, K. Tamamizu, S. Saiki, M. Nakamura, K. Yasuda
Vol 2, No 1 CNA CareLink: Web-based training for CNAs Details   PDF
K. Pillemer, R. Meador
Vol 11, No 2 Co-adaptation of assistive mobility devices and residential functions Details   PDF
T. Bock, T. Linner, C. Georgoulas
Vol 11, No 2 COBALT: Challenging obstacles and barriers to assistive living technologies Details   PDF
A.J. Astell, E.A. Williams, F. Hwang, M. Norton, T. Adlam, K. Lethbridge, D. Wright, S. Harney-Levine, M. Ellis
Vol 11, No 2 Code compliance checking by using derived objects Details   PDF
E.J. Jin, J.H. Garrett, B. Akinci
Vol 15, Supplement Co-design in living labs for healthcare and independent living: Features and perspectives for gerontechnology design Abstract   PDF
R. Picard, N. Noury, C. Moget, M. Pino
Vol 8, No 4 Cognitive benefits of computer games for older adults Abstract   PDF
E.M. Zelinski, R. Reyes
Vol 15, No 1 Cognitive benefits of older adults’ digital gameplay: A critical review Abstract
F. Zhang, D. Kaufman
Vol 11, No 2 Cognitive resource loss and out-of-home behavior Details   PDF
M. Wettstein, H-W. Wahl, N. Shoval, F. Oswald
Vol 7, No 2 Cognitive support for older people from multimedia options Details   PDF
P. Wright, S. Belt, D. Pham, S. Dimov, D. DeRoure
Vol 11, No 2 Cognitive training panel Details   PDF
N. Charness
Vol 11, No 2 Cohort effects in technology use Details   PDF
L. Nygård, C. Malinowsky, A. Kottorp
Vol 11, No 2 Cohort effects in techology acceptance Details   PDF
K. Claßen, F. Oswald, H-W. Wahl
Vol 3, No 1 Coining new words: Old (Greek) wine in new bottles? (reply) Details   PDF
N. Charness
Vol 13, No 4 Collaboration of an assistive robot and older adults with dementia Abstract   PDF
M. Begum, R. Huq, R. Wang, A. Mihailidis
Vol 2, No 1 Collaborative design of information systems for care management – European experiences Details   PDF
M. Vaarama
Vol 13, No 2 Collecting critical situations at home from a focus group Abstract   PDF
J. Poujaud, A.S. Rigaud, J.E. Lundy, N. Noury
Vol 13, No 2 Collecting inertial signals from smartphones for the IGS database Abstract   PDF
M. Berenguer, M.J. Bouzid, D. Cibaud, H. Teyssier, F. Evennou, N. Noury
Vol 15, Supplement Color Universal Design for use by elderly adults Abstract   PDF
K. Yamanaka, K. Shioda, M. Kawakami
Vol 11, No 2 Combining automatically and manually collected data for project monitoring and control Details   PDF
S. Isaac, R. Navon
Vol 1, No 1 Combining language and animation in multimedia instructions can help older people Abstract   PDF
P. Wright, S. Belt
Vol 2, No 1 Combining needs and technological opportunities for success: User-centered design for independent living–a Finnish R&D approach Details   PDF
V.T. Taipale
Vol 3, No 4 Comfort and safety navigation of an omni-directional mobile wheelchair driven by haptic joystick Details   PDF
J.B. Urbano Gutiérrez, K. Terashima, T. Miyoshi, H. Kitagawa
Vol 13, No 2 Commentary on PRISM Abstract   PDF
H. Umemuro
Vol 9, No 2 Common understanding of the needs and requirements of URC: The gerontological approach and vision Details   PDF
J.J. Yanguas
Vol 9, No 2 Common understanding of the needs and requirements of URC: The technological approach and vision Details   PDF
J. Alexandersson
Vol 1, No 2 Communication, technology, and aging: Opportunities and challenges for the future, by N. Charness, D.C. Parks, B.A Sabel, editors; 2001 Details   PDF
H. Bouma
Vol 7, No 2 Communication technology changes how we age Details   PDF
J.L. Fozard, W.D. Kearns
Vol 14, No 4 Communication with children for older adults’ life satisfaction: Non-face-to-face and/or face-to-face? Abstract
K. Sun, M-Y, Zuo, D. Kong
Vol 11, No 2 CompanionAble: An integrated cognitive-assistive smart home and companion robot for proactive lifestyle support Details   PDF
A. Badii, C. Huijnen, H. van den Heuvel, D. Thiemert, H.H. Nap
Vol 8, No 3 CompanionAble: Graceful integration of mobile robot companion with a smart home environment Details   PDF
A. Badii, I. Etxeberria, C. Huijnen, M. Maseda, S. Dittenberger, A. Hochgatterer, D. Thiemert, A-S. Rigaud
Vol 7, No 2 Comparative study between old and young people’s basic characteristics for inter-face design Details   PDF
K. Jung, B. Song, H. Shin, K. Chun, B. Own
Vol 3, No 4 Comparative study of skin colour between elderly and young females under different light sources Details   PDF
S. Kanaya
Vol 3, No 4 Comparison of foot shape in the elderly and young using 3-d scanner Details   PDF
S. Park, H. Lee, M. Lee
Vol 3, No 4 Comparison of perceptual error characteristics when judging position of index line between young and older adults Details   PDF
M. Sorai, A. Murata, C. Hashiba, M. Moriwaka
Vol 13, No 2 Comparison of Somatosensory Gaming (SG)- based rehabilitation exercise programs at elderly nursing homes Abstract   PDF
T-L. Sun, C-H. Huang, C. Pei, T-M. Hung
Vol 5, No 4 Compensating technologies for older people with visual restrictions Abstract   PDF
N. Neustadt-Noy
Vol 1, No 3 Competing for Alzheimer’s research Details   PDF
A.J. Sixsmith
Vol 5, No 2 Complexity and Ease of Use: A Design Study Abstract   PDF
M. Smith, A. Dickinson, A.F. Newell
Vol 7, No 2 Computer and internet use in the USA: influence of age, attitude, employment status, and education Details   PDF
N. Charness
Vol 7, No 2 Computer anxiety and attitudes towards the internet among older Malaysians Details   PDF
M.R. Hussain, S.T. Chai, S.A.R. Sharifah Norazizan
Vol 3, No 2 Computer attitudes, cognitive abilities, and technology usage among older Japanese adults Abstract   PDF
H. Umemuro
Vol 7, No 4 Computer for cognitive rehabilitation in dementia Details   PDF
M. Colombo
Vol 2, No 1 Computer keyboard with dynamic key layout change Details   PDF
H. Umemuro, M. Takayama
Vol 3, No 4 Computer simulation of human gait for gerontechnology Details   PDF
K. Hase, G. Obinata, A. Nakayama
Vol 13, No 2 Computer simulation of interaction between pressures inside the body with a mattress Abstract   PDF
S. Ishihara, K. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi
Vol 3, No 4 Computer-assisted stimulating activities for persons with dementia Details   PDF
S.H. Tak, C. Beck
Vol 8, No 1 Computer-based cognitive training to facilitate neural plasticity Details   PDF
P.B. Delahunt, K.K. Ball, D.L. Roenker, J.L. Hardy, H.W. Mahncke, M.M. Merzenich
Vol 13, No 2 Computerized interface to investigate the quality of life in depressive elders Abstract   PDF
S-P. Wang, J-Y. Liang, Y-J. Chang, J-H. Chang
Vol 9, No 2 Computerized training cognitive transfer effects for healthy older adults Details   PDF
S. Hindin, E. Zelinsky
Vol 13, No 2 Concept and goal of accessible design for older people Abstract   PDF
K. Sagawa
Vol 7, No 2 Concepts and significance of gerontechnology: past, present, future Details   PDF
H. Bouma, V.T. Taipale, J.L. Fozard, D.G. Bouwhuis, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 13, No 2 Conditions for acceptability of technology in telecare: And the demise of acceptance Abstract   PDF
D.G. Bouwhuis
Vol 15, Supplement Conducting research with an African elderly population Abstract   PDF
E. Lekalakala-Mokgele
Vol 9, No 2 Confidence with wheelchair use Details   PDF
P.W. Rushton, W.C. Miller
Vol 13, No 2 Connecting generations: Designing interactive toys for older adults and children Abstract   PDF
W. Tsai, C. Tsai, Y. Lo, K. Lo
Vol 3, No 4 Considerations in universal design in terms of physically functional characteristics of the aged Details   PDF
K. Kawahara
Vol 15, Supplement Constructing a video-based remote coaching platform to develop professional skills in dementia care Abstract   PDF
A. Omata, Y. Sakane, S. Ishikawa, M. Honda, M. Ito, Y. Takebayashi
Vol 11, No 2 Constructing as-is BIMs from progressive scan data Details   PDF
T. Gao, B. Akinci, S. Ergan, J. Garrett
Vol 11, No 2 Construction waste generation due to the design phase Details   PDF
L. Abarca Guerrero, G.J. Maas, A.J.D. Lambert
Vol 9, No 2 Consultation for the development of Internet-based technology platforms for managing multiple chronic diseases Details   PDF
Y. Araki, H. Basrael, S.A. Lear
Vol 11, No 2 Content analysis on research on depression in older people in Taiwan Details   PDF
S.W. Cheng, K.H. Hung, H.M. Hua, Z.C. Lin, S.Y. Cheng, Y.J. Chuang
Vol 11, No 2 Context aware automated prompting for dressing: Concept feasibility Details   PDF
D.F. Mahoney, W. Burleson, E. Mahoney
Vol 2, No 2 Context-aware assistive devices for older adults with dementia Abstract   PDF
A. Mihailidis, G.R. Fernie
Vol 9, No 2 Context-aware mobile phones to aid seniors with word recall and production Details   PDF
R.M. Baecker, A. Levy, M. Massimi, K. Tonon, M. Watson, K. Fenwick, W. Scott, E. Rochon, D. Mulholland, L. Laird, S.E. Black, K. Moffatt, G. Poorshahid
Vol 9, No 2 Continence assessment in residential aged care using the SIMsystem™ electronic monitoring system Details   PDF
D. Barda, P. Lewis, K. Carey
Vol 11, No 2 Contribution of smart-home platforms to user acceptance Details   PDF
M. Brink, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 9, No 2 Contributions of technology for elders and families in discharge planning: Reviewing modes of information delivery Details   PDF
L.P.L. Low
Vol 11, No 2 Conveying the needs and demands of older people to engineers and designers Details   PDF
P.A.G. Vermijs, J.A.M. Graafmans
Vol 13, No 2 Coping strategies as inspiration for the design of assistive technologies for cognition: An exploratory study Abstract   PDF
J. Bauchet, V. Rialle
Vol 15, No 3 Cor Pernot MSc: A tower of strength Abstract
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 13, No 2 CORNSOUP, an interactive service platform for older persons: A usability pilot Abstract   PDF
C-Y. Lee, H-H. Lin
Vol 3, No 4 Correlation between musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and visual discomfort Details   PDF
A. Aarås, G. Horgen
Vol 13, No 2 Cortical activity difference in the young and elderly adult during a quiet standing task Abstract   PDF
C-J. Chang, S-W. Yang
Vol 11, No 2 Cost effective sensors for automated progress measurement and management Details   PDF
Y. Jung, J. Ha, T. Ju, S. Kang
Vol 9, No 2 Cost-benefit analysis of integrated home care and supporting technologies for independent living: Utilizing the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation framework Details   PDF
R. Bond, L. Carragher
Vol 11, No 2 Could a vacuum robot rescue your elderly relative? Details   PDF
J. Kantorovitch, A. Laikari, V. Pehkonen, J. Väre
Vol 8, No 2 Council and Board Details   PDF
A. Franco
Vol 3, No 1 Countering design exclusion: An introduction to inclusive design, by S. Keates, J. Clarkson; 2003 Details   PDF
L.R. Normie
Vol 7, No 2 Crafting sensorial stimulation and social exchange in dementia care Details   PDF
P. Marti, L. Giusti
Vol 2, No 1 CREATE at home: human factors contributions to an aware home for older adults Details   PDF
W.A. Rogers, A.D. Fisk
Vol 3, No 4 Creating a society of longevity Details   PDF
A. Igata
Vol 2, No 1 Creating assistive technology prototypes using a true multidisciplinary team approach: Trials & tribulations from the health technology research group at the BCIT Details   PDF
J. Watzke
Vol 13, No 2 Creating enriched environments for ageing adults Abstract   PDF
H.S.M. Kort
Vol 12, No 1 Creating sustainable healthcare facilities through strategy on lighting and home automation Abstract   PDF
E.R.C.M. Huisman, H.S.M. Kort
Vol 13, No 2 Creation of a ‘Caricature Robot’ for social inclusion of older adults Abstract   PDF
J. Sebastian, Y-L. Hsu, J-M. Lu
Vol 9, No 2 Creativity and communication: making use of everyday technology in care homes Details   PDF
C.L. Craig
Vol 11, No 2 Culture and social impact to gerontechnology in the Sinophone world Details   PDF
Y-L. Hsu
Vol 6, No 4 Culture and user-interface design for older users in Malaysia Abstract   PDF
S. Hisham, A.D.N. Edwards
Vol 4, No 4 Current awareness in aging research and demographics Details   PDF
J. Solock
Vol 7, No 2 Current progress on pathological tremor modelling and active compensation using functional electrical stimulation Details   PDF
F. Widjaja, C.Y. Shee, D. Zhang, W.T. Ang, P. Poignet, A. Bo, D. Guiraud
Vol 13, No 2 Current status and related factors of engagement in unpaid family work among Chinese elderly in Beijing Abstract   PDF
L. Lei, X. Zhang
Vol 9, No 2 Current technology usage and neuropsychological functions in older persons attending a memory clinic Details   PDF
M. Colombo, S.F. Vitali, R. Vaccaro, M. Malnati, C. Cutaia, S. Abbondanza, E. Valle, S. Fossi, A. Guaita
Vol 15, No 4 Current use and possibilities of robots in care Abstract
D.G. Bouwhuis
Vol 12, No 2 Custom-designed motion-based games for older adults: A review of literature in human-computer interaction Abstract   PDF
K. Gerling, R. Mandryk
Vol 15, Supplement Cyber security as an essential factor for healthy and active ageing Abstract   PDF
S. Boeke, A.A. Franco
Vol 14, No 2 Cybersecurity for old people Abstract   PDF
P. Saariluoma
Vol 9, No 2 Cyber-seniors surfing the medical web: Role of Internet in cancer care and perceived ‘info-decisional’ benefits Details   PDF
G. Seckin
Vol 2, No 1 Dark-adapting glasses for older adults with low vision Details   PDF
D.A. Ross
Vol 11, No 2 Data acquisition, monitoring and control for hybrid solar air-conditioners Details   PDF
Q. Ha
Vol 7, No 2 Data fusion in health smart home: primary results of individual evaluation of two sensors Details   PDF
A. Fleury, M. Vacher, H. Glasson, N. Noury, J-F. Serignat
Vol 11, No 2 Data mining and statistical analysis of construction equipment failure Details   PDF
H.Q. Fan
Vol 3, No 4 Database for supporting engineers and innovators on the basis of a CD-ROM infor-mation system for aging processes Details   PDF
Z. Li, K.D. Frömlohner
Vol 3, No 4 Database of gerontechnology and housing for older adults Details   PDF
J. van Hoof, H.S.M. de Kort, F. van Dijken
Vol 13, No 2 Database of sensory characteristics of older persons and persons with disabilities Abstract   PDF
K. Kurakata, N. Itoh, J. Ohyama, K. Sagawa
Vol 11, No 2 Decision support system for clinics performance and maintenance management Details   PDF
I.M. Shohet
Vol 7, No 4 Declaration of the International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG) Details   PDF
- ISG Council
Vol 15, Supplement Decreased CSF area in spinal canal is highly correlated with risk of neurogenic intermittent claudication but not SF-36 or pain Abstract   PDF
J-H. Lin, M. Peng, P-C. Lin, C-C. Wu, Y-H. Chiang
Vol 13, No 2 Decreases in the feeling of loneliness by virtue of ICT-based social housing services: Is it due to technology use or to the contact with evaluators? Abstract   PDF
B. Boudin, V. Rialle, J. Sablier, L. Ben-Ahmed
Vol 11, No 2 Dedicated public broadcasting for 50+ adults Details   PDF
J. Slagter
Vol 8, No 1 Defining gerontechnology for R&D purposes Abstract   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk, H. Bouma, J.L. Fozard, W.D. Kearns, G.C. Davison, P-C. Tuan
Vol 9, No 2 Delivering a multi-faceted cognitive health intervention to the home Details   PDF
H.B. Jimison, M. Pavel, W.J. Hatt, M. Chan, N. Larimer, C.H. Yu
Vol 4, No 2 Demand driven care Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 12, No 3 Dementia and dementia research Abstract   PDF
H.S.M. Kort
Vol 14, No 1 Dementia caregivers and technology acceptance: Interest outstrips awareness Abstract
A.A. Burstein, O. DaDalt, B. Kramer, L.A. D’Ambrosio, J.F. Coughlin
Vol 14, No 2 Dementia caregivers’ technology preferences: Design insights from qualitative interviews Abstract   PDF
J. Shreve, R.R. Baier, G. Epstein-Lubow, R.L. Gardner
Vol 3, No 4 Dementia onset prediction model with Stroop effect task Details   PDF
H. Uchiyama, I. Fukumoto
Vol 11, No 2 Dementia: A progressive disease making the brain progressively dependent on environmental stimuli Details   PDF
J.J. van der Plaats
Vol 11, No 2 Demographic change and AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) in the European research area Details   PDF
C. Wehrmann
Vol 9, No 2 Density map visualization as a tool to monitor activity levels of older adults Details   PDF
G.L. Alexander, C. Galambos, M. Skubic, S. Wang
Vol 11, No 2 Describing collaborative working during meetings in construction Details   PDF
F.J.M. van Gassel, G.J. Maas
Vol 7, No 2 Design and development of a mixed reality solution for gerontechnology applications Details   PDF
M.L. Alcañiz Raya, J.A. Gòmez, L. Gamberini, M. Martinelli, L. Prontu, B. Seraglia, D. Varotto
Vol 2, No 1 Design and distribution of patient-centered medication Details   PDF
D.G. Morrow, W. Weiner, M. Deer, J. Young, S. Dunn, P. McGuire, M. Murray
Vol 7, No 2 Design and evaluation of an amplified walking system for elderly people Details   PDF
T. Ando, M. Nihei, M.G. Fujie
Vol 7, No 2 Design and evaluation of the new head for the whole-body emotion expression hu-manoid robot KOBIAN Details   PDF
N. Endo, S. Momoki, M. Zecca, K. Itoh, A. Takanishi
Vol 7, No 2 Design and evaluation of the soft hand whs-1 for the emotion expression humanoid robot Kobian Details   PDF
M. Zecca, K. Endo, Y. Mizoguchi, T. Kusano, K. Itoh, A. Takanishi
Vol 13, No 2 Design and implementation of an automatic monitoring and correction auxiliary system for patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome Abstract   PDF
H-C. Wu, H. Ting, M-H. Tseng
Vol 8, No 2 Design and pilot test of an adaptable walker for slopes and stairs Details   PDF
C. Pei, W.M. Chi, C-H. Huang
Vol 9, No 2 Design challenges for internet interfaces for older people and widget-based, touch screen solution architecture Details   PDF
B.A. O'Mullane, B. Bortz, R.B. Knapp
Vol 9, No 2 Design, development and modeling of the geront-vehicle with a movable steering-wheel system Details   PDF
Y.Y. Hsieh, D.S. Huang, D.A. Wang
Vol 11, No 2 Design for a low cost brain-computer interface for environmental and home control Details   PDF
N. Mora, V. Bianchi, I. De Munari, P. Ciampolini
Vol 9, No 2 Design for ageing well: Improving the quality of life for the ageing population using a technology-enabled garment system Details   PDF
J. McCann, J. Bougourd
Vol 15, No 2 Design for All: A proposal for inclusion and safe autonomy Abstract
M. Andaluz Ribeiro, R. João Maurico
Vol 6, No 4 Design for an ageing society Abstract   PDF
J. Barratt
Vol 2, No 3 Design for person-environment interaction in older age: a gerontechnological perspective Abstract   PDF
D.G. Bouwhuis
Vol 15, Supplement Design for senior gamers Abstract   PDF
H.H. Nap, W.A. IJsselsteijn
Vol 11, No 2 Design guidelines for remote health coaching of older adults Details   PDF
H.B. Jimison, D.E. Young, J. Marcoe, N. Bahr
Vol 7, No 2 Design of a bending module for assembling reconfigurable endoluminal surgical system Details   PDF
K. Harada, E. Susilo, N. Ng Pak, A. Menciassi, P. Dario
Vol 7, No 2 Design of a controllable wheelchair ergometer for simulation of real life conditions Details   PDF
J. Moreno, S. Güimil, J. Gonzáles-Quijano, J. Sánchez, J.L. Pons, Á. Gil
Vol 7, No 2 Design of a hand exoskeleton (handexos) for the rehabilitation of the hand Details   PDF
S. Roccella, E. Cattin, N. Vitiello, F. Giovacchini, A. Chiri, F. Vecchi, M.C. Carrozza
Vol 7, No 2 Design of a planar robotic machine for telerehabilitation of elderly patients Details   PDF
D. Accoto, L. Zollo, D. Formica, E. Guglielmelli
Vol 13, No 2 Design of a voice-interactive reminiscence album for older adults Abstract   PDF
P-C. Tuan, H-S. Ko
Vol 13, No 4 Design of an iPad cover for people with cognitive impairment Abstract   PDF
A.L. Cordia
Vol 13, No 2 Design of nursing homes of the future Abstract   PDF
J. van Hoof
Vol 3, No 4 Design of sliding door based on effects of applied force, shape and dimension of operating part Details   PDF
S. Tanaka, K. Akazawa, K. Satoh, K. Nunota, M. Katoh, Y. Gotoh, Y. Yokobayashi, S. Kose
Vol 7, No 2 Design of the new version of the mechatronic system for motor recovery after stroke (memos) Details   PDF
F. Giovacchini, S. Micera, M.C. Carrozza, P. Dario
Vol 9, No 2 Design preferences for technologies that enhance functioning among older and disabled individuals Details   PDF
R. Schulz, S. Beach, J. Downs, J. Matthews, K. Seelman, L. Person Mecca, K. Courtney
Vol 13, No 2 Design proposal for walking cane handle grips Abstract   PDF
K. Taniguchi, A. Takanishi
Vol 7, No 2 Designing a familiar technology for elderly people Details   PDF
C. Leonardi, C. Mennecozzi, E. Not, F. Pianesi, M. Zancanaro
Vol 13, No 2 Designing a participatory ethical governance framework Abstract   PDF
J-Y. Chen, D-J. Tsai, Y. Chen, S-D. Lee, H-T. Wan
Vol 9, No 2 Designing a telecare system for caregivers: A user-centered approach using scenarios Details   PDF
M.A. Brul, R.M.H.A. Huis in 't Veld, J.E.W.C. van Gemert-Pijnen, C.G.M.H. Willems, H.J. Hermens
Vol 13, No 2 Designing a web-based interactive eHealth literacy tutorial for an older adult-oriented intervention Abstract   PDF
I. Watkins, B. Xie
Vol 5, No 1 Designing computer technologies with older people Abstract   PDF
A. Dickinson, G. Dewsbury
Vol 7, No 2 Designing e-health systems for chronic disease management for elderly Details   PDF
N. Bitterman
Vol 15, Supplement Designing for disparities: Harmonising the divergent goals and perspectives of service providers and the elderly regarding fall prevention Abstract   PDF
M. Lo Bianco, S. Pedell, G. Renda, A. Kapoor
Vol 11, No 2 Designing for enhancement & satisfaction Details   PDF
L. Neven, A. Peine
Vol 15, Supplement Designing for healthy and active ageing with intelligent technologies Abstract   PDF
Y. Lu, R. Brankaert, X. Ren, P. Jia, S.A.M. Offermans, H.A.H. Nagtzaam
Vol 3, No 3 Designing for older adults: principles and creative human factors approaches, by D. Fisk, A. Rogers, Neil Charness, Sara J. Czaja, Joseph Sharit; 2004 Details   PDF
J. van Hoof
Vol 13, No 2 Designing happy games (apps) for people with dementia Abstract   PDF
Y. Schikhof, J.H. Groenewoud, A.L. Cordia, J. de Lange
Vol 3, No 4 Designing hierarchical menus for interfaces Details   PDF
J. Waniek, T. Fukuda
Vol 11, No 2 Designing housing for people with dementia using an integrated ethical model Details   PDF
M.J. Verkerk, J. van Hoof, P.G.S. Rutten
Vol 13, No 2 Designing interventions for independent living through ICT: The PRISM clinical field trial Abstract   PDF
N. Charness
Vol 9, No 2 Designing out environmental barriers to public toilet provision for an aging population Details   PDF
J-A. Bichard, G. Knight
Vol 11, No 2 Designing tangible social media solutions for older adults Abstract   PDF
M.M. Bekker, Y. Lu, S.E. Baha, R. van de Berg, J. Siekmans
Vol 11, No 2 Designing the User Experience – methods for building an ambient intelligent future Details   PDF
P. Klein
Vol 9, No 2 Detecting subtle movement difficulties present in Parkinson’s disease using a computer mouse Details   PDF
L. Cunningham, C. Nugent, G. Moore, D. Finlay, D. Craig
Vol 13, No 2 Detection of elderly activity by the wearable sensor MuSA Abstract   PDF
F. Montaldo, V. Bianchi, I. de Munari, P. Ciampolini
Vol 13, No 2 Determinants of age-friendly communities Abstract   PDF
M-M. Lai, S-Y. Lein, S-H. Lau, M-L. Lai
Vol 7, No 2 Determination of effective evaluation parameters on the airway training system WKA-1R Details   PDF
Y. Noh, N. Segawa, H. Ishii, J. Solis, K. Hatake, A. Takanishi
Vol 11, No 2 Determination of mobility and risk of falls in old age: Automated ‘Up & Go’ assessment Details   PDF
S. Wegel, J. Kiselev, M. Gövercin, T. Frenken
Vol 2, No 1 Determining age-related touch screen usability: Changes in Fitts' Law as a result of control type Details   PDF
A.C. McLaughlin, J. Whittle, W. Rogers, A.D. Fisk
Vol 9, No 2 Determining features for telehealth applications which enhance self care for people with long term conditions Details   PDF
S. Brownsell, A. Haywood, M.S. Hawley, G. Mountain
Vol 7, No 2 Determining the relationship between sleep and social activity in community-dwelling older people Details   PDF
J. Behan, D. Pendergast, B. Quigley, L. Walsh
Vol 13, No 2 Developing a bed-centered nursing home care management system Abstract   PDF
Y-W. Liu, Y-L. Hsu
Vol 7, No 2 Developing a memory game for elderly Details   PDF
E. Zwartkruis-Pelgrim, B. de Ruyter
Vol 13, No 2 Developing a mobile experience sampling tool for investigating bipolar disorder in seniors Abstract   PDF
A. Sixsmith, H. Yaghoubi-Shahir, U.G. Laesser, N. O’Rourke, M. Sadhegi, M. Razmara
Vol 11, No 2 Developing a mobile experience sampling tool for seniors with bipolar disorder Details   PDF
S. Namazi, U. Glaesser, A. Sixsmith, N. O'Rourke
Vol 9, No 3 Developing a music player for people with dementia Abstract   PDF
A.J. Sixsmith, R.D. Orpwood, J.M. Torrington
Vol 13, No 2 Developing a sensing solution to reduce the risk of falls for older people: An interdisciplinary approach Abstract   PDF
C. Brown Wilson, J.C. Ceballos, P. Wright, J. Vaughan, C. Todd, P.J. Scully, K.B. Ozanyan
Vol 13, No 2 Developing a Service Connection Device (SCD) for the elderly in Taiwan Abstract   PDF
H-J. Chien
Vol 6, No 1 Developing a technology ‘wish-list’ to enhance the quality of life of people with dementia Abstract   PDF
A.J. Sixsmith, G. Gibson, R.D. Orpwood, J.M. Torrington
Vol 9, No 2 Developing acceptable software: Preparing to test the efficacy of cognitive stimulation in preventing dementia Details   PDF
D. O'Brien, R.B. Knapp, O. Thompson, D. Craig
Vol 11, No 2 Developing an eHealth service supporting a functional training program for older adults Details   PDF
O. Blanson Henkemans, K. Kranenborg, A. Cremers, L. Engbers
Vol 9, No 2 Developing and evaluating assistive technology for continence problems Details   PDF
E. van den Heuvel
Vol 8, No 3 Developing and evaluating web-based assistive technologies for older adults Abstract   PDF
A.G. Money, S. Fernando, L. Lines, A.D. Elliman
Vol 9, No 2 Developing brain computer interfaces with rapid automated interfaces for non experts Details   PDF
E. Thomson, S Mathews, D. Todd, P.J. McCullagh, M.P. Ware, M.D. Mulvenna, S. Martin
Vol 9, No 2 Developing computer games for people with dementia Details   PDF
A. Astell
Vol 7, No 2 Developing inclusive and user-centred design methods and tools for ageing populations Details   PDF
A.S. Macdonald, D. Loudon, C.S.C. Lim
Vol 11, No 2 Developing new assistive technologies for older adults Details   PDF
M. Gövercin
Vol 11, No 2 Developing the ‘mStick’ concept: Experiences and impacts Details   PDF
P. Kuosmanen, S. Pekkarinen, K. Kempas, H. Melkas, R. Valve, A. Karisto
Vol 3, No 4 Developing the concept of gerontechnology - some historical views Details   PDF
V.T. Taipale
Vol 13, No 2 Development and evaluation of a seating aid cushion system for wheelchair bound, paralyzed people Abstract   PDF
M. Nagamachi, S. Ishihara, H. Hashimoto, M. Kouchi
Vol 9, No 2 Development and validation of a questionnaire to measure the psychosocial impact of assistive technologies for continence in elderly individuals Details   PDF
J. Jutai, K. Southall
Vol 11, No 2 Development of a mobile phone application for daily physical activity motivation in COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Details   PDF
S.N.W. Vorrink
Vol 13, No 2 Development of a mobile phone application for stimulation of personal mobility for COPD patients Abstract   PDF
S.N.W. Vorrink, H.S.M. Kort, T. Troosters, J-W.J. Lammers
Vol 13, No 2 Development of a motion sensing carpet for multiple interactive applications Abstract   PDF
K-W. Chang, Y-L. Hsu, C-K. Lim, Y-W. Liu, W-Y. Chang
Vol 13, No 2 Development of a multidimensional evaluation method for the use of a robotic companion as a function of care relationships Abstract   PDF
D.J. Hewson, C. Gutierrez Ruiz, H. Michel
Vol 13, No 2 Development of a new medical care and health care model for senior's needs by business process reengineering and innovation methods Abstract   PDF
B-J. Wang, H-F. Chou, Y-M. Chang, E. Hadhiwaluyo
Vol 9, No 2 Development of a personalized electronic organizer for persons with Alzheimer’s disease: the AP@lz Details   PDF
H. Imbeault, N. Bier, H. Pigot, L. Gagnon, N. Marcotte, T. Fulop, S. Giroux
Vol 11, No 4 Development of a pressure-ulcer-preventing mattress based on ergonomics and Kansei engineering Abstract   PDF
M. Nagamachi, S. Ishihara, M. Nakamura, K. Morishima
Vol 13, No 2 Development of a rehabilitation game to support stand-up exercise and its usability in care facilities Abstract   PDF
H. Matsuguma, F. Hattori, J. Kajiwara
Vol 13, No 2 Development of a Responsive Emotive Sensing System (DRESS) to aid persons with dementia dress independently Abstract   PDF
D.F. Mahoney, W. Burleson, C. Lozano, V. Ravishankar, E. Mahoney
Vol 11, No 2 Development of a smart arm support for daily-life activities and entertainment Details   PDF
B. van Ninhuijs, T.E. Motoasca, D.J. van der Pijl, P. Verstegen, E.A. Lomonova
Vol 15, Supplement Development of a smart living IoT (Internet of Things) information structure Abstract   PDF
C-Y. Tai, Y-L. Hsu, K-W. Chang, L-F. Chang, K-T. Xie
Vol 15, Supplement Development of a smart living platform based on a motion sensing carpet Abstract   PDF
K-W. Chang, Y-L. Hsu, C-Y. Huang, L-S. Hsu, T-Y. Wu, Y-H. Lin
Vol 13, No 2 Development of a soft motion-sensing mattress for telemonitoring applications Abstract   PDF
Y-W. Liu, Y-L. Hsu, W-Y. Chang
Vol 9, No 2 Development of a wheel chair cushion with Kansei ergonomics Details   PDF
S. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi, M. Nakamura, K. Morishima
Vol 3, No 4 Development of accessible blog for even the elderly with visual disabilities Details   PDF
N. Nakamura, M. Munemori, N. Iwane, Y. Matsubara
Vol 2, No 1 Development of an automatic angle-controlled bed using vital signs in the patient Details   PDF
T. Yuji, Y. Higashi, T. Fujimoto, T. Tamura
Vol 11, No 2 Development of an intelligent robotic wheelchair Details   PDF
P-E. Hsu, C. Geiser, K-W. Chang, J-M. Lu, Y-L. Hsu
Vol 15, Supplement Development of an IoT (In-ternet of Things) indoor positioning system based on Mi-Band Abstract   PDF
S-Y. Tsai, C-Y. Tai, W-T, Chen, P-K. Chen, L. Bai, Y-L. Hsu
Vol 11, No 2 Development of cleaning system installed in horizontal moving system for maintenance of high-rise building Details   PDF
J. Huh, S. Moon, S. Kim, D. Hong
Vol 11, No 2 Development of management system and sensor for improving fresh concrete quallity control Details   PDF
S. Chae, T. Oyamoto, T. Yoshida
Vol 9, No 2 Development of multi-camera gate for fall detection in nursing home with face-recognition Details   PDF
H. Nakamoto, T. Matsumoto, M. Goka, Y. Kitagawa, H. Kameyama, Y. Kamise, K. Omori, I. Kitayama, K. Sumiya
Vol 7, No 2 Development of oral-rehabilitation robot Details   PDF
H. Koga, Y. Usuda, M. Matsuno, Y. Ogura, H. Ishii, J. Solis, A. Takanishi, A. Katsumata
Vol 13, No 2 Development of patient-centered home healthcare communication system Abstract   PDF
S. Sasayama, M. Utsumi, H. Dekigai, S. Nomoto
Vol 11, No 2 Development of the music game for retaining cognitive and motor functions Details   PDF
S. Ishihara, K. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi
Vol 15, Supplement Development of toys for rehabilitation and non-pharmacological treatment of dementia Abstract   PDF
L-S. Hsu, C-K. Cheng, Y.Y. Colindres, K-W. Chang, C-Y. Tai, P-K. Chen, J-R. Lin, Y-L. Hsu
Vol 9, No 2 Developments in telehealth for chronic disease management Details   PDF
S.A. Lear
Vol 11, No 2 Developments in the continuing agenda of Gerontechnology Details   PDF
H. Bouma
Vol 3, No 4 DHEA-S in the management of senescence, stress and gerontological disorders Details   PDF
S. Kaur, A.L. Bhatia
Vol 3, No 4 Diagnosis of decay in righting reflex with advancing age Details   PDF
H. Takada, Y. Kitaoka, Y. Shiozawa, M. Miyao
Vol 9, No 4 Diane F. Mahoney PhD RN, joined the associate editors Abstract   PDF
D.F. Mahoney
Vol 3, No 4 Difficulties of elevators for elder people: A field study Details   PDF
S. Ishihara, K. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi, A. Nakata
Vol 11, No 2 DiFiets: Cycling in a virtual familiar environment Details   PDF
J.C.L. Neyens, E. van Rossum
Vol 9, No 2 Digital consultancy tool for ageing-in-place with dementia Details   PDF
H.S.M. de Kort, J. van Hoof, A. Bronsveld, M.M. Blom
Vol 5, No 3 Digital discussion Details   PDF
L.E. Storck
Vol 11, No 2 Digital games and the seniors of tomorrow Details   PDF
W.A. IJsselsteijn
Vol 15, No 2 Digital inclusion of the elderly in Brazil and the impact of digital Abstract
F. Manzano Moreira Lodovici, P. Lodovici Neto
Vol 13, No 2 Digital perspectives on aging issues: A case of the USA Abstract   PDF
Y-N. Gan, L. Lei
Vol 11, No 2 Digital photogrametry in investigation of application membranes on the surfaces of cementitious materials Details   PDF
P. Briatka, J. Gašparik
Vol 13, No 2 Digital tablet issues for older adults Abstract   PDF
P. Wright
Vol 7, No 2 Digitus: towards a platform for the characterization of the finger biomechanics in fine manipulation Details   PDF
N. Vitiello, C.M. Oddo, S. Roccella, S. Micera, M.C. Carrozza
Vol 13, No 2 Discovering business opportunities for the elderly in China by consumer survey: An example Abstract   PDF
H-D. Chih
Vol 13, No 2 Discussion on the elderly's needs in information and communication technologies Abstract   PDF
H-M. Chang, Y-T. Cheng, C. Pei
Vol 9, No 3 Displays versus viewer: The simpler, the better Abstract   PDF
D.G. Bouwhuis
Vol 9, No 2 Does ambient intelligence lead to e-inclusion of older people? Details   PDF
J. Damant, P. Freddolino, M. Knapp, M. Ellis, E Mitleton-Kelly
Vol 2, No 1 Does home-care automation for elders change the caregiver experience? Details   PDF
W. Dewing, S. Metz, W. Winchester
Vol 13, No 2 Does marriage affect survival among the elderly in China? Abstract   PDF
Q. Huang, G. Chen
Vol 9, No 2 Does prior experience mitigate age-related differences in interactions with a Kindle electronic book reader? Details   PDF
M.A. O'Brien, W.A. Rogers, A.D. Fisk
Vol 2, No 1 Does sideways movement increase manoeuvrerability in a powered wheelchair? Details   PDF
G.R. Fernie, P. Holliday, A. Milhailidis, R. Rolfson
Vol 13, No 2 Domestication of a telehealthcare system Abstract   PDF
S. Frennert, B. Östlund
Vol 2, No 1 Domotics and networking Details   PDF
W. Friesdorf, K. Fellbaum, S. Meyer, M. Hampicke, W. Rossdeutscher, G. Vanderheiden, H. Mollenkopf, E. Schulze, B. Schadow, H.W. Wahl, A. van Berlo
Vol 9, No 2 Domotics and robotics for supporting seniors Details   PDF
S. Helal
Vol 13, No 2 Don’t forget about the garden! The design of gardens for people with dementia Abstract   PDF
E.L.M. Zwerts-Verhelst, J. van Hoof, E. Wouters
Vol 15, No 1 Dorothy Li Bai, new associate editor for Public Health Gerontechnology Abstract
D.L. Bay
Vol 7, No 2 Draft Agenda of ISG General Assembly, Pisa, June 4, 2008 Details   PDF
J. Knies
Vol 9, No 2 Draft Agenda of ISG General Assembly, Vancouver, Canada, May 28, 2010 Details   PDF
J. Knies
Vol 3, No 3 Draft Agenda of the General Assembly of the ISG, Nagoya, May 26, 2005 Details   PDF
H. Bouma
Vol 8, No 1 Draft minutes of the General Assembly of the International Society for Gerontechnology Details   PDF
H. Hyppönen
Vol 2, No 1 Draft-agenda of the General Assembly of November 10, 2002, Miami, USA Details   PDF
J.A.M. Graafmans
Vol 4, No 1 Draft-minutes of the general assembly of May 26, 2005, Nagoya, Japan Details   PDF
H. Bouma, J.A.M. Ekberg
Vol 2, No 2 Draft-minutes of the general assembly of November 10, 2002, Miama, USA Details   PDF
V.T. Taipale, M. Vaarama
Vol 2, No 1 Draft-minutes of the General Assembly of October 12, 1999, Munich, Germany Details   PDF
J.A.M. Graafmans
Vol 7, No 2 DREAM: emergency monitoring system for the elderly Details   PDF
G. Bestente, M. Bazzani, A. Frisiello, A. Fiume, D. Mosso, L.M. Pernigotti
Vol 8, No 3 Driving, aging, and temporal factors in vision Abstract   PDF
J.A-A. Smither, M. Mouloua, R. Kennedy, M.D. Gentzler
Vol 1, No 4 Driving in Old Age: Use of Technology to Promote Independence Abstract   PDF
K.K. Ball, H.W. Wahl
Vol 1, No 4 Driving Mobility, Older Adults, and Quality of Life Abstract   PDF
C. Owsley
Vol 2, No 4 Driving with confidence: A practical guide to driving with low vision, by E. Peli, D. Peli; 2002 Details   PDF
K. Johannson
Vol 15, No 3 Drummers of age Abstract
H-M. Hua, M-H. Hsu
Vol 14, No 3 Dušan Šimšík, new associate editor Abstract
D. Šimšík
Vol 11, No 2 Duplicating the nursing home service model to extend the life of elderly at home with ICT support Details   PDF
A. Anfosso
Vol 8, No 1 Durability and residual moisture effects on the mechanical properties of external hip protectors Abstract   PDF
S.P. Applegarth, T. Bulat, S. Wilkinson, S.G. Fitzgerald, P. Quigley, S. Ahmed
Vol 4, No 3 Dutch learning centres for computer & internet skills Details   PDF
H. Koning
Vol 9, No 4 Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Market survey United States of America IT applications in Gerontechnology. Report 80MVK22. EVD International business and cooperation Details   PDF
H.S.M. de Kort
Vol 10, No 2 Dutch-Flemish Chapter in 2010 Abstract   PDF
H.S.M. Kort
Vol 7, No 2 Dwelling features that facilitate ageing-in-time Details   PDF
A.A.M. van Vliet
Vol 3, No 4 Dynamic care concept of FWBC Details   PDF
H. Tervaskari
Vol 9, No 2 Dynamic lighting as a tool to influence the day-night rhythm of clients with psychogeriatric disorders: A pilot study in a Dutch nursing home Details   PDF
M.D. Spreeuwenberg, C.G.M.H. Willems, H. Verheesen, J. Schols, L.P. de Witte
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